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Painting Walls to Coordinate With Bedding

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Has anyone got any ideas what colour I should paint my bedroom, that will go with pale pink bedding and curtains? I was looking at a very pale pink from Dulux (Blossom white), but am not sure if this will be too much pink. Any ideas? This is the bedding:

By Maiseyg from UK


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By Di [12]05/19/2009

It depends on the look you want. Dusty pink might work or even a very pale lilac. I've always loved grey with pink.

By Cricket [201]05/19/2009

My mother used a trick once and I've used it many times and it is so simple as to be hard to believe!
She painted the walls an off-white color. Then when she decorated the room the drapes she hung were the color that she wanted the walls to be. For instance, in my brother's room she hung blue drapes. The sun coming thru the drapes cast a blue tint to the entire room, including the walls!
In my room she did the same with pink. My walls had a nice pink color to them, simply from the sun shining thru the drapes!

By Janet [7]05/19/2009

Very pretty bedding. I would like the taupe or sage green.

By Allison05/14/2009

I'm a big fan of sage, or in this case you could do a deeper pink

By metroplex [81]05/11/2009

I think a pale taupe would look nice.
Pale sage green.
Soft white color.
Silvery gray.
I wouldn't do all pink though. Lots of clashing could go on.

If you can post a picture of your bedroom with the color paint you finally choose, love to see your results!

By Myrna [14]05/11/2009

From the picture of the bedding and the walls and throw rug, white is a good choice since your room is dark. White is clean, crisp and brightens a room.
You could add the darker pink using accent pillows, picture frame or throw rug or several picture frames using each of the colors in the bedding or a lamp and other decorations that tie the colors together.

Also, with the pink and white, you could use a bit of teal green accessories for "zing" and that would break up the pink flow.

By joan pecsek [88]05/11/2009

Pale pink would go well the bedding, so would white.


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Archive: Painting Walls to Coordinate with Bedding

I have a pink and chocolate brown polka dot bedding. What color can I paint my walls, something that suits a teen?

Marcella from Hanover Park, IL

RE: Painting Walls to Coordinate with Bedding

I'd do a creamy pinkish tan. Almost a rose-tan. (11/07/2007)

RE: Painting Walls to Coordinate with Bedding

Marcella, I think pale pink walls would look nice with your bedding. Hey, we're neighbors! I live in Bartlett! (11/07/2007)

By Debbie52

RE: Painting Walls to Coordinate with Bedding

I would paint them "Vanilla White", good luck - keep us posted please! (11/07/2007)

By Paula Jo C. Mebane, NC

RE: Painting Walls to Coordinate with Bedding

I would do a lighter pink and have lots of brown accessories and trim. (11/07/2007)

By tupperangel

RE: Painting Walls to Coordinate with Bedding

Why not try a simple tan with a very subtle undertone of the softest pink. Make sure you keep any yellow tones out of the tan shade! (11/07/2007)

By hsorbits

RE: Painting Walls to Coordinate with Bedding

Red. I saw one of those decorating shows, where they painted with red and chocolate and I thought "PHEW", but it actually looked wonderful when finished! (11/08/2007)

RE: Painting Walls to Coordinate with Bedding

Personally, I think an aqua color would go great with those colors. It seems the Christmas colors this year are aqua and chocolate. (11/08/2007)

By Noella

RE: Painting Walls to Coordinate with Bedding

How about a light green, or apple green? I think it would really look good with the chocolate and pink. If you are willing this is a more daring and bright idea! Go for it, girl! Hugs (11/11/2007)

By Neenoon

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