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Craft Ideas Using Crib Bumper Pads

I have crib bumpers for my twins that I am not using because of safety issues. But they came with the bedding set and are so cute! Any creative ideas for things I can do with them, besides making pillows out of them?

Lulu from Fanwood, NJ


Recent Answers

By Tiffany T.04/27/2013

I didn't wanna get rid of my daughters crib bumper because its my favorite and I have been thinking so hard what to make out of it. I finally found something on the Internet which is make into window valance! Super easy!

RE: Craft Ideas Using Crib Bumper Pads

By Carrie (Guest Post)01/17/2009

I am looking for ideas for the same reason. I like the pockets idea best so far. What about buying one of those hammock nets for stuffed animals that hangs in the upper corner of the room and trimming out the top of it with part of the bumper?

By (Guest Post)12/27/2008

Make cute tooth fairy pillows with a small pocket to hold the tooth.

By Dianna M. [5]03/18/2008

Here are some ideas for you.

1. Recover the foam with other adult prints and take them to nursing homes they make great bedrails guards for those that thrash and bump their legs and arms and helps prevent bedwounds and bruising that can be painful for the elderly.

2. Remove the print fabric and make ...matching curtains with the fabric, photo albums cover with the printed fabric, make pillows the fabric and stuffing, even you can make few baby clothes.

By Jana [7]03/05/2008

The way you have them stretched out in the picture gave me a cute idea, especially if your nursery is upstairs. You could cut them into sections and sew the ends shut and fasten them to the base of each stair. My stairs are very plain loooking, I think I'm going to look at the thrift store and see if I can find some cheap, cute bumper pads and do something like this myself.

By sheila (Guest Post)03/05/2008

You can use them cut down as a draft blocker or cut them down fill them with rice and herbs or essential oils and make some heat packs Great for helping children off to sleep or keeping little feet warm or with the right herbs help with a chest cold.

By km (Guest Post)03/04/2008

They could be cut into even lengths and the lengths sewn together as a lightweight blanket.

By TatianaT (Guest Post)03/01/2008

You could cut the bumpers to make a soft "book" of the images. My daughter loves her cloth books and the images on your bumper look very "kid friendly".

Another idea is to use the bumpers as "trim" on things like laundry baskets, storage bins or diaper pails in the nursery. Since they are part of your set, they will coordinate the entire room for a "designer" look. Don't forget to save some of the bumper for a valance over the window!

By Julie [49]02/29/2008

so that it is still used to match there room decore, why not take a solid color fabric that matches the print best and along the pads running horizontally sew on little pockets to house there small toys, stuffed animals, shoes, pictures, anything like that that will look cute in the pockets. and hang the whole pad on there wall. just make your pockets the same size ans spread them out the same distance along the pad. it would make a great storage for there items and look cute too.

By LuvMyGingerKids [45]02/29/2008

How about simple, small stuffed animals? They'd be easy to cut and sew -- think of a cookie cutter teddy fish or gingerbread man, just larger. Stitch seam binding around the edges.

By joan pecsek [88]02/29/2008

That wasn't a craft idea. Sorry, misread the post.

By joan pecsek [88]02/29/2008

Do you have a garage? If so, hang it from the ceiling. When the front bumper touches the pad you'll know to stop so you don't hit the wall.

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