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Magic Marker on Polyester

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Does anyone know how to remove magic marker from polyester? My son wore a jersey to school and I can't get it out. Thanks for your helpful tips.

Crystal from De Pere, WI



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By Lorie Long [1]06/30/2006

Store bought prewash sprays never seem to be good enough for my family. Also my fingers get tired of squirting the stuff all over our clothes. What I've come up with has worked on everything I've thrown at it including old dried blood, chocolate, grease, etc.

I purchase "Super Clean" cleaner-degreaser in the 1 gallon container out of the automotive dept. at Wal-Mart. I mix it with water at a rate of 1 part cleaner to 10 parts water for most prewashing jobs. Most of the time I don't even have to rub the spot, but if it looks stubborn, I just give it a rub. If the stain is really tough (like dried blood), I use it at full strength.

Be careful at full strength as it tends to make your hands extremely dry and flaky. I mix it in a 48 oz. pump up sprayer out of the garden dept., so that I don't have to keep squeezing a trigger. Just pump it up and spray.

By Carla Gilby06/28/2006

I don't know if it will work on a jersey, but rubbing alcohol removes permanent marker from glass and CD's. It's worth a try. Just put a bunch of paper towels underneath and sponge on the alcohol and see if it bleeds out. If it does, keep going until it's as gone as it's going to get. I know regular hair spray, like Aqua Net, works for ball point ink, but I've never tried it on permanent marker. As far as I know, the main ingredient making hairspray work would be the alcohol! LOL

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