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Use Dawn for Very Oily Hair

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I have always had oily hair, but in the last several months the oiliness has just gotten worse and worse--to the point that I could wash it as usual and it would be extremely oily only a few hours later.

I tried several different things, lemon juice and a water solution being one, and then my mom and grandmother and I were talking and it was decided among the three of us that Dawn dish washing liquid might work wonders. And it surely has.

I wash my hair with Dawn dish washing liquid. I think I paid about $1 and some change at Wal-mart. Anyway, I wash it twice with Dawn dish washing liquid and then with the shampoo of my choosing. I have found it to be extremely helpful and you can tell a big difference in what it's done for my hair.

This may sound totally silly, and maybe it is, but if it works then so be it, I'll continue to use it for sure. Using Dawn is definitely much better than having really oily hair.

By Shanda from Millers Creek, NC


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By lauren285510/10/2014

I've never tried dawn on my own hair but after reading all these posts I'm definately gonna give it a try. One thing I know it's amazing for is washing dogs with fleas (I'm sure any other animals too since a earlier post said bout oil spill on animals & that's very true) the only thing different though is when washing to remove fleas you have to use the original dawn, the blue one. The others, although I'm sure would work great when out of everything, does not kill the fleas. Only the original blue dawn works! Better than any flea shampoo or flea dip or other pricey pet shampoo.

By Susan Workman (Guest Post)02/28/2009

And when I told people at work that I used Dawn for my shampoo they thought I was crazy. But let me tell you, I used to wash my hair with regular oily shampoo and by that aftertoon my hair was oily. When I used Dawn, it worked. It is nice to know that I am not the only one using this product.

By (Guest Post)01/09/2009

This also strips the natural oil from your hair, and is not good to use all the time.

By Mary (Guest Post)01/09/2009

If you have dandruff use JOY Lemon Fresh dish soap. The lemon in the Joy Dishsoap balances the ph and floats the dandruff away and cures it. Compare to $8.00 a small bottle of dandruff shampoo.

By Mary (Guest Post)01/09/2009

I have very sensitive scalp and cannot find ANY shampoo that doesn't make pimples and itching on my head. Out of any shampoo one day I used Dawn Ultra and shampooed twice. Itching stopped and pimples went away. Most likely won't be throwing good MONEY away any more. It's Dawn Ultra for my shampoo now.

By Judith W. (Guest Post)01/09/2009

I agree the Dawn is a good product to treat your hair problem. We once had an older neighbor who washed her hair in Tide all the time. She had no yellow color to her snow white hair. Beautiful.

By Kat [7]01/08/2009

It's not a silly idea, when I was in cosmetology school I learned Dawn was the best way to remove oiliness or greasy styling products from customers' hair. We would shampoo with it once, then shampoo with a shampoo for oily hair, then condition with a light moisturizing rinse-out conditioner. Concentrate the shampoo, especially the Dawn, on the scalp more than the ends, and the conditioner more on the ends, and maybe not at all on the 2-3 inches near the scalp. Speaking of shampooing critters with Dawn, it is also used by wildlife groups who wash critters that have been victims of an oil spill. By the way, if the oiliness of your hair has only gotten worse fairly recently, perhaps a medical consult and hormonal tests would be in order?

By chris t. (Guest Post)01/08/2009

I forgot about the vinegar rinse for your hair. You don't rinse out the final vinegar rinse. You pour or squirt it on & dry your hair as usual. It kills the candida, which causes all kinds of skin problems.

By chris t. (Guest Post)01/08/2009

First off, dawn dish soap is mostly sodium hydroxide & using it all the time, is not a good idea. And anyone who has really oily hair, has an over growth of candida. The dawn will not cure it. You can look up about candida on the net. There hundreds of website about it, but is one of the best. What I did for my hair, which was very oily, I did what I could for candida, & used white vinegar as a rinse like hair conditioner. Try first off, a 15% vinegar solution. That's roughly 1&1/2tbsp vinegar, with 8&1/2tbsp water, or 1-1/2 oz to 8-1/2oz. It stops itchy scalp, dandruff, scaly scalp & skin & rashes of all kinds. Between washings, when my scalp itches, I use straight white vinegar. It only takes a little, but you must let it dry, before it starts to work. Candida is an insidious thing.

By norma (Guest Post)01/08/2009

Dawn is a saver in more ways than one. I used to live on a boat, and after filling the fuel can for the dinghy, I always would get a fuel slick on the ocean. A little one, but non the less fuel. I would squirt Dawn all over it. and presto... gone!

By mcw [80]01/08/2009

By no means am I comparing you to a feline. The other evening I stayed up late because I wanted to finish one of my knitting projects. I turned on the TV and watched a cat show on PBS. One of the segments on the program showed a woman bathing her cat in Dawn dish washing liquid because his coat was so oily. Then she followed up with shampoo.

I had to laugh because by the time she finished rinsing him off well in the shower the poor thing looked like a drowned rat. We know how much cats hate water, but he was probably so used to it since he was always before the judges.

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