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Trimming Crystals With a Dremel Tool

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I've got a Dremel rotary tool. I was wondering if anyone knew of an attachment that would be appropriate for trimming crystals, like quartz?

By tigerbunni from Georgia


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By Pam [1]05/24/2010

Depending on the name brand of your Dremel, you usually can find a diamond tip at Sears, Home depot, or Lowe's. Just bring the model number with you and brand name to get the correct one.

By Cyinda [214]04/25/2009

You'll need a diamond tipped bit. You can find them at Jewelry Supply outlets (like Rio Grande). There's also a helpful magazine called "Lapidary Journal". This magazine is worth it's weight in gold! You should buy a book in stone cutting. (also never cut Malachite because it's dust is VERY toxic! My boyfriend took a gem carving class in & let me tell you, the supplies can be VERY pricey! (we met each other in a goldsmithing program in college) If you decide to really get into this, you may want to buy a "Flex Shaft". You can vary the speed with your feet. We bought one 15 years ago & even though it's rusty from being out in our shop it's still running strong!

By Leslie Horinka04/25/2009

I found this review on and I'm providing the link also. I've purchased it cause I could not find the 1" disk anywhere. Dremel dose not make them anymore . they make smaller now, but for more money too .

It did what i needed to do and I'm happy about that . But the quality of the disks and the shafts are not really eye appealing. Basically they look like crap , but if you take time setting it up in your high speed tool ( like dremel ) it will be somewhat vibration free. ... UT-OFF-WHEELS-LAPIDARY/dp/B000FJN8LO
Hope that helps! Leslie

By Lee [22]04/25/2009

Have you tried their website or possibly emailing Dremel? They are probably always updating the attachments available for this item. I have the rotary tool too and use it for everything!! It is so easy to handle and my husband doesn't want me to use power tools while he is at work. I think he's afraid I might hurt myself.

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