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Stripes on my Zucchini


My zucchini have stripes on them....why? I only have tomatoes and zucchini in my garden. Are they safe to eat?

Hardiness Zone: 7a

Lori from State College, PA



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By SL Edens 1 395 07/20/2008 Flag

I found a site that says this about zucchini: "A popular summer squash shaped like a slightly curved cylinder, a bit smaller at the top than the bottom. A zucchini's skin color can vary from dark to light green, sometimes with yellow markings that give it a mottled or striped look." I don't grow zucchini but I've seen striped zucchini before. Here is the site from which I took the above information:

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By millard_crystal (Guest Post) 07/20/2008 Flag

One year my parents let their zucchini grow "wild" from last years plantings. They ended up with zucchini that had crossbred with watermelon! It was striped and almost egg shaped-not at all skinny. It tasted just the same though.

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By Neil McMillan 1 13 07/24/2008 Flag

It's a zucchini variety! Absolutely delicious. Enjoy!

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By Louise (Guest Post) 11/10/2008 Flag

Dunno why it sometimes happens - did to me too. Guess they are just getting ready to grow into marrows! Burt yep they are fine to eat still.

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