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Cleaning Tomato Stains Off Plastic

How do you get tomato stains out of white bowls?

By Michelle from Scipio, IN

Recent Answers

By Elaine [129]02/15/2010

I use bleach also if the stain is there but to prevent the stain in the first place, if I am storing leftovers in fridge that is tomato based, I first spray the container with cooking spray to prevent it from seeping into the container.

By Kathryen [5]02/11/2010

The sun does wonders with stains from tomato sauce on Tupperware and other plastic dishes. The sun also worked to take out some flower pollen stains on a favorite pair of light beige slacks.

By Alice Heppner [2]02/11/2010

Hi. I know this sounds funny but I tried it as I always freeze leftover spaghetti sauce in my plastic containers. Make sure the container has been washed and then stick it in the sun and leave it for a day. Not sure where I read this but I have tried it and it works.

By OliveOyl02/11/2010

Soak them in hot water, dish detergent and some bleach.

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