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Removing the Paint Smell from a Newly Painted Room

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I just finished painting my son's bathroom and was wondering if there was anyway to expedite the removal of the paint smell? I tried a bowl of vinegar but that didn't help. I've been running the air cleaner to help expedite. It's kind of tough to leave the windows open due to it being frigid out this time of year.


Kelly from Bensalem, PA



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By Kyle Semaj05/07/2009

Hi, Some older interior latex house paints contain the preservative phenylmercury propionate. Indeed, a small child suffered brain injury after helping his mother paint his room.

The most effective mitigation technique would be to use activated charcoal and pass the vapor through it using a fan etc. The activated charcoal adsorbs the organic vapor. Good Luck!

By Claire (Guest Post)02/08/2009

Vanilla extract works on oil paint. Just put a tablespoon in a bowl in the room and leave it for a couple days. Totally takes the odour away. Not sure if it works for latex or not.

By (Guest Post)12/23/2008

I also tried the BioWorld Product and LOVED it! The lady I worked with from the company gave me specific instructions on how to use it and was very helpful! She did mention that it works best in the paint before you apply though. Luckly I called before I started painting and didn't notice any scents left behind!

By jobeetle (Guest Post)12/22/2008

I tried the onion in a bowl thing and it actually made a difference. You have to leave it there for a little while and it smelled like onion. Opened the windows and the onion odor went away in about 2-3h.

I was glad it worked because it was in my baby's room.

By KDell (Guest Post)11/28/2008

I need help! We used latex semi gloss in a bathroom and have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the awful smell...onion, vinegar...and the BioWorld product with no success. My husband spent over $6000 on this remodel and I can't even go IN the room without getting a headache and feeling ill. HE thinks it's very unpleasant, as well. Used Dunn Edwards paint. Any ideas?

By Elle (Guest Post)10/13/2008

The last time I painted my house, I used a product called BON-CC-41 from BioWorld Products. I had the painter add a little bit to the paint. I came home the day he was painting and just smelt a very faint paint smell. The next day it was pretty much gone. I even slept in the same room he had painted that day with no problems. I remember painting in the past and the smell would stay for a month sometimes. I was very pleased with them product!

By paula (Guest Post)08/11/2008

I work in an old blg with plaster walls, and really high ceilings. The painter fixed one of the plaster walls that had been damanged by water a while back, and repainted the entire office. I usually like the smell of paint, but the smell in here right smells like BO. Most people are telling me it's paint smell, but I'm saying it's BO. The painting was done on July 29th and today is August 11th and it still stinks. I've tried vinegar, commercial room deoderizers, Fabreeze, and nothing works. HELP

By cputrdoc (Guest Post)10/20/2007

Believe it or not, the onion in water actually works. Y'know how in chemistry, acid+base = water + neutral biproduct? Seems like onion does the same thing for paint -- it neutralizes the paint smell, and without giving off a strong onion smell. I didn't think it would work, but it did for us.

By aquilino. (Guest Post)12/31/2006

how to remove paint smell to newly painted bedroom,sala and kitchen

By katie (Guest Post)07/24/2006

There's something called paint pourri but I dunno if it works well or not.

By beatit (Guest Post)04/02/2006

My badroom have a really bad odor that i think is coming from the oil paint. tried the onion thing, and it doesn't work that well plus you and your home will smell like onion. i also tried putting ammonia in a bucket to leave over night. use it to clean the walls. you can also buy paint primar stain sealer called B-I-N. It will seal in the smell. hope these help.

By Vi Johnson [286]01/27/2006

I think I read that the odor is absorbed by the onion. And doesn't leave an onion smell. You might have to replace the onion a couple of times.And next time you paint add a little vanilla ( 1-2 teaspoonsful ) to the paint....If you are painting a light color use white vanilla. ( Watkins has it. ) Everyone should know that lighting a match will "soften" odors in the bathroom..Try it in your newly painted room. Just light a match and blow it out two or three times. Let us know if it works for you. best wishes,GG Vi

By Kelly [6]01/26/2006

Then my room would smell like onions???????

By Jessi Hoefs [3]01/26/2006

I read about this is a book once. You are supposed to put a cut onion in a bowl of water in the room. It's supposed to take care of the smell (by making it smell like onions???) I have never tried it so I don't know if it works or not.

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