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Use for Crystal Light Canisters

Crystal Light Canister

Many food packages are perfect for reusing in crafts or for other types of storage. This is a guide about use for Crystal Light canisters.


Solutions: Use for Crystal Light Canisters

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Cut Down Crystal Light Canisters For Smaller Containers

You can cut the canister down to whatever size you need and the lid will still fit. My brother showed me this the other day. He gave me an assortment of drill bits and put them in a little plastic holder. When I asked him where he got it, he said he cut it down from a Crystal Light canister.

I always wondered what I could use them for because I hated to throw them away, but they had limited use since they were tall. Why didn't I think of that? Now my brother thought of it and I'm sharing it with you.

    Source: My brother

    By Kathy [64]

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    Tip: Crystal Lite Containers for Crochet Hooks

    The large containers for crystal lite and such are a great holder for crochet hooks and nuts and bolts. The bottle of wine holders that everyone is selling is super for knit needles.


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    Tip: Saving Powdered Beverage Containers for Crafts

    I save the containers for Crystal Light and use them to store beads, buttons, wire, and more.

    By jmscrochet from Peabody, MA

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    Question: Use for Crystal Light Canisters

    I am on Nutrisystem and using Crystal Light like it is going out of style. Any ideas on what to do with the containers? They are a nice weight with a lid and other then storing little things in I just can't think of something else to do with them. Perhaps some craft ideas? I sew, do machine embroidery and a lot of crafting, so can tackle most anything.

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    By Linda Daniels 3 01/21/2012

    I use crystal light containers as molds when making polenta. After cooking, I let the mixture cool slightly, spoon it into the container sprayed lightly with cooking spray and chill. When I'm ready to use, I unmold it, slice and reuse the container for next time! Saves lots of money, too, since grits can be made for pennies and buying the same size roll of polenta in the store is pretty pricey!

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    Question: Use for Crystal Light Containers

    We have lots of those really nice clear plastic Crystal Light containers with a lid. There just has to be something useful to do with them. I'm counting on your help or they are all going into the recycle bin. Thank you.

      By Cisco's Mom [15]

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      Most Recent Answer

      By Cinnamon C. 21 07/08/2015

      would you be willing to mail them to someone who could make use of them for beading?

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