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Shredded Wheat as a Dog Treat

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My dogs love bite-size shredded wheat as a treat. There's no sugar, no salt, and it adds fiber to their diet. It also helps clean their teeth because they have to crunch it. Don't over-do it, though, a little goes a long way, tummy-wise. I give each of my dogs just a few at various times of day.

By Jan from Champaign, IL



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By heather inwood [11]11/03/2012

I agree - here in Australia we have mini weetbix - both my dogs get one of these given to them reguarly as a treat. A little honey or peanut butter can be spread on top but they like them just as much plain.

By Mary Pardue [9]11/03/2011

This is a great idea! Another treat I've used is Cheerios. They are quite small, yet our Jack Russell thought she was in "doggy heaven" when we would treat her for her tricks or good behavior.

By Mary Ross [3]09/17/2009

When we were training my mom's hearing ear dog, a min pin, we used cheerios because they were not fattening, and were small enough to give several in a session of training. She loved them.

By Calley (Guest Post)04/06/2008

My Beagle "Doc" loves the Spoon Size Shredded Wheat. I do notice that he drinks a little more water after having a few. Sometimes I put a little peanut butter on it or rub it on a banana to get a little extra nutrition in there.

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