Squirrels in My Attic


How can I get rid of the squirrels in my attic?

By Linda


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By Vicki 24 428 05/17/2011

My boyfriend would love this one as he had a running battle for a while with squirrels. Traps, poison, plug the holes where they are coming in. Bear spray has a decided negative effect on them also if you can get close enough to spray them with it (don't overdo it if you don't want to kill them, it probably will). If you don't want to kill them there is a trap called "Have a Heart" available at most feed / farm & ranch stores and it will catch them where you can release them elsewhere. The main thing is to figure out how they are getting in and seal those areas off.

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By Rick M. 1 08/01/2015

Before I got smart they tore up many sheets of fiberglass insulation. Found out they HATE peppermint oil and even peppermint gum. Tossed many pieces of gum into the attic and haven't seen one since. Worth a try?

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Archive: Squirrels in My Attic

How can I get rid of the squirrels that have invaded my itty bitty attic. I hear them chewing on the wood and they bump and thump at all hours. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Sharon from Ottawa, KS

RE: Squirrels in My Attic

We've had this problem and bought fox urine at a farm and ranch supply store. Put a little of the urine on several cotton balls and put them out in the attic. That will usually chase the squirrels away. Then, my husband repaired the small hole in the eave of the house where they were getting in. He used a piece of sheet copper over it, but whatever you think will adequately repair the hole will work. (03/07/2007)

RE: Squirrels in My Attic

We had this problem, too. We had an exterminator put in cages with peanut butter. For some reason this attracts them. Then they went in and "stayed in the cages". Then the exterminator took them out and released them in a park. (03/08/2007)

By Grandma

RE: Squirrels in My Attic

I agree with the above methods. Put Have a Heart cages in the attic in the open with peanut butter on crackers. I put mine on top of heat duct work so I could hear the cages smack shut. Capture the squirrels, seal up holes in house with hardware cloth, heavy wire so they can't return. It may take you a few weeks to capture all the adults and babies. Take them more than 5 miles away to release, they can find their way home again otherwise. Cut back tree branches so they can't get on roof again. Good luck they are clever and destructive.

Jill (03/09/2007)

By ScotFinn

RE: Squirrels in My Attic

Squirrels make and have babies in the winter and early spring. That may be what you're hearing. Once the babies are big enough to go out on their own, that's your chance to plug up the holes. Don't put up bird feeders, they're a big food source for squirrels. Don't leave any food outside. (03/09/2007)

By Jantoo

RE: Squirrels in My Attic

I had squirrels in my attic crawl space of my twin home for 25 years. Everything known to man had been tried to get rid of them. Three years ago I installed 3 Evictor strobe lights and have been squirrel free ever since. It seems like a minor miracle not to hear them running and jumping around. Thought you might want to know about something that works. (10/11/2007)

By Bill

RE: Squirrels in My Attic

For $4.99 my simple, safe, humane, inexpensive, effective, reusable, environmentally friendly, and long lasting way of getting squirrels out of your attic will do the trick and restore your peace of mind. Search eBay for Squirrels in the Attic, $4.99 (09/15/2008)

By renbuild1

RE: Squirrels in My Attic

Put hot sauce where they travel. They do not like hot stuff, good luck. (07/22/2009)

By kffrmw88

Archive: Squirrels in My Attic

I have a squirrels in the attic. They are making noise and none of the repellent from the ordinary store worked out so far. It is any way to make them disappear?

By Rom from Morgan Hill, CA

RE: Squirrels in My Attic

Well if you do not want to hire an exterminator and do it yourself you first must find the area that they are entering the attic. Then, usually during the day, they leave the attic to look for food you have to block the entrance. It maybe as simple as replacing or adding a piece of wood to the opening. Another item you can use is hardware cloth, which is just a small hole wire mesh and cover the opening. This is available at a hardware store or big box store. Forget any suggestions of moth balls or other chemicals. They will not work. You have to get the squirrels out as they can breed and really make a mess. (02/01/2010)

By foxrun41

RE: Squirrels in My Attic

Squirrels are a serious problem. Call an exterminator right away! Squirrels not only make a mess, they can chew on electrical wires and set your attic on fire. I was lucky that the ones in my attic had chewed on insulation, not wires. And that the exterminator found one that was pregnant before it delivered. (02/05/2010)

By Lady Bee

RE: Squirrels in My Attic

Call out a company that humanely removes animals and places them back out into the wild, then check all around your eaves to repair any openings where they are getting in. Please do not kill them. (02/05/2010)


Archive: Squirrels in My Attic

I just found out I probably have squirrels in my attic.


Archive: Squirrels in My Attic

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of a flying squirrel in my attic? Thanks for your help.

By Vicky

RE: Squirrels in My Attic

I have this issue as well! I think they are "protected" so that becomes an issue. I know that they are smart and throw up any poison anyway, so I have tried the live traps. I put a bit of peanut butter on the bait spot and get them trapped, only thing is you have to move them very far away for them not to return. And since they breed like wild, you may want to keep your trap up there after you think you have them all. Good luck! (03/11/2011)

By brenneman826

RE: Squirrels in My Attic

If they bred like wild they would not be protected. There are heavy fines and even jail time for killing animals on the protected list. All you have to do is call your local wildlife management office and they will take care of it. Please do not kill animals. (03/11/2011)

By Lilac

RE: Squirrels in My Attic

They will use traps to get them out too and when you say all she has to do is call the local wildlife management office, do you think they are going to plug up the hole for her so no more get in? I doubt it. Best to call someone who will take care of the place they are getting in and set a trap along with it. It is easy to say to not kill the animals and I don't like it either, but when they can chew through wiring and make so much noise you can't sleep, there is not much alternative. (03/11/2011)

By Laniegirl

RE: Squirrels in My Attic

I can tell you how I got rid of mine. It depends on how much you hate the thoughts of them being there. First I bought a water gun. A child's toy. Then I saved my urine and filled the gun up and everywhere I saw squirrels I sprayed like crazy. It worked for me and when they were gone I had my husband close the openings they were using to go in and out of. Good luck. (Wild animals mark their territory with urine and boy did I mark mine.) (03/11/2011)

By grannygirl

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