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Do Possums Hibernate?


Do possums hibernate?

David from Stockton, CA


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By Suzanne (Guest Post) 10/10/2008

No opossums do not hibernate, they may den up in cold weather, but will come out to eat.

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By KL 3 554 10/10/2008

according to a The Possum Pages website...

>>>Do opossums hibernate during winter?

Opossums do not hibernate. Their greatest challenge during winter, especially in colder climates, is simply to survive. Very often opossums will alter their foraging habits during winter, coming out during the day when it is warmer rather than at night. It is not uncommon for opossums in northern regions to suffer frostbite during extremely cold periods. Their tails are particularly susceptible to frostbite as they have no fur covering to protect them. Sometimes opossums can be found relocating to basements or garages in order to escape the cold. The only way to prevent this is to make sure all openings are fully covered.


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By vickie guy 42 101 10/12/2008

I had a family of opossums in my backyard shed one winter, so I would say they definately try to find a place to get out of the cold weather.


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By Mary Ann. (Guest Post) 10/15/2008

Not here in N Y. They come and eat from my bird feeders, if they can get to them. They go up the pole, and hang on any way they can, to get to my bird food day or night!

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By Beanner (Guest Post) 11/24/2008

OK Next question. I live in WI & have one sleeping in my chicken coop. Will it eat my chickens?

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By Lynn (Guest Post) 11/28/2008

I was wondering about possum's hibernating. I live in Cedar Grove, WI and my husband and I manage a small motel about a mile from town. We put out dry cat food to feed some of the stray cats and the food is put between our kitchen door and the door to the office. We have a possum that comes up to the doors to eat the cat food. We just found out where it has been living. We have an old coke machine that does not work and the possum is living inside the machine.

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By Lizette F (Guest Post) 01/04/2009

I need to get rid of my possum in my back yard.

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By abigail (Guest Post) 01/16/2009

I went to go move our garbage can and there is an opossum in it.I put the garbage can on its side so the opossum could get out. I went back outside 3 times and it moved to the garden but its not playing opossum.

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