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Paint Color to Coordinate With Green Carpet

Green Carpet

Choosing a paint color that works well with your carpet can be tricky. This is a guide about paint color to coordinate with green carpet.



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Question: Paint Color for Green Carpet

I have Hunter green carpet all throughout the house. I've painted my living room a different shade of green called Sheffield. The trim is a dark shade of green that almost matches the carpet. Anyway, it's horrible. Please help. I need to repaint. My furniture is a brownish/gold sectional. Any suggestions?

By Sandra from OK


Best Answers

By CHUCK (Guest Post)02/27/2009

I just painted my walls beige and it looks great with a semi white trim.

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By Rose (Guest Post)02/13/2009

No one here gave a real definite answer and now it's too late. Purple, light to med. purple will look beautiful with a green carpet. And if you have light beige furniture, well, you just made the Interior Decorating Magazine home award.

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By Maryeileen [76]07/27/2007

I think yellow walls would look good with a green carpet (think sunflowers).

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By (Guest Post)07/25/2007

I know someone who used white paint and added a few drops of green so it is a very light green you don't notice. It just ties their hunter green carpet together with the walls in your mind.

I hope this helps!

Kelly W. from Kalamazoo

Question: Painting Advice for a Room with a Kelly Green Carpet

My granddaughter's bedroom is carpeted in a Kelly Green carpet. What color should we paint the walls? She is 4 years old and loves "pink." Would it be o.k. to paint the walls in pink and if so what shade or tint? Or should we consider a more neutral color?



Best Answers

By Beth (Guest Post)06/23/2005

I would use soft ivory for the walls with pink trim, either as a ceiling border or as a wainscoting more at eye level, depending on the child's age. The pink could be solid or in a design. If someone could stitch a traditional Irish chain quilt for her bed, her room would be really elegant!

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By Marn (Guest Post)06/22/2005

I think I would treat the green carpet as green grass and paint the walls blue and the ceiling a lighter shade of the same blue. Stencil or paint different shades of pink flowers around the base of the walls (include flower stems and leaves - as if they are growing out of the carpet on the edges). Use white balloon shade or curtains over the windows. This will look like clouds. You could even stencil butterflies randomly around the room. Include her name on the wall as a topiary. Here is an example:

Have fun!

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