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Need Ideas for 4H Project


I need some good ideas for 4-H projects under ANY category. I'm signed up for just about every single one of them. Help me out if you can! Thank you

Kassie from Park Rapids, MN



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By Salley_Aldim (Guest Post) 06/12/2008 Flag

I need one too. Im 12 yrs and I think our theme is hoppin into 4H. I vthink you should sewing a table runner I did last year and gave me a PURPLE

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By Abby (Guest Post) 06/23/2008 Flag

I'm trying to find a good idea to do for the fair. I want to try something new and fun, but also something that will do well and maybe will get to go to the State fair. I have already tryed ideas such as baking, sewing, and photography. I really need to do something new this year.

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By Briana (Guest Post) 09/21/2008 Flag

Looking for ideas to show my plants at fair time; to decorate the scene.

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By Krista (Guest Post) 11/05/2008 Flag

I need Ideas for a 4-H speech could you help me?

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Question: Ideas for 4H Sewing Project

I need a 4-H project for sewing. Any suggestions?


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By Karen H. 10 140 11/17/2011 Flag

How about Fleece Blankets or Throws? Or Fleece Hats with Tassles on top with matching scarves? You didn't say how hard or easy-but these are pretty easy to make. Good Luck with whatever you decide; and remember to have fun! : )

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Archive: Need Ideas for 4H Project

I was wondering if you could help me come up with an idea for my 4H project. I'm in Division 10, which is the last division, and I'm having trouble coming up with something really creative, that I could get a really good ribbon on. (All I have ever gotten was a blue). I hope you can help, thanx.


RE: Need Ideas for 4H Project

I used to be a judge for 4H projects. We'll need a little more information to be of any real help. How old are you? What is the "theme" of your 4H Club? What have your past projects been? From the look of your user name I wonder if NASCAR might somehow play a part in your project. Hm. Give a little more info and I'll do my best to brainstorm with you for a project.
Barb from Concord, Ohio (06/27/2005)

By Barb

RE: Need Ideas for 4H Project

Division 10 would do things like pillows, purses, hats, out of old jeans and such. And also pop cans do make end tables and such. And also baskets out of old magazine pages or greeting cards. I'm not sure what types of recycled articles I could use, and what I could make that's nothing simple like the above items I have listed. I hope you can help.
Nicole (NASCARwcgrl) (06/28/2005)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Need Ideas for 4H Project

Have you ever tried making a ribbon photo holder? Mine went to the state fair or i made a cd clock or a kool-aide jammers purse those are just a few things (01/02/2007)

By Dancer 101

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