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Cleaning Human Urine Off Hardwood Floors

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I have a little boy who is learning to use the potty. Can anyone give me a solution for cleaning the hardwood floor around the toilet? I find that I clean it everyday. He misses sometimes, so I just want to get the area clean and smell free.

ksgourmetmom from Kansas


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By Diana (Guest Post)07/20/2007

Any ideas for getting rid of the "pee" smell from pine? My son was sleep walking and went into his closet to use the bathroom. the smell is horrible. HELP!

By (Guest Post)01/23/2006

I have just found a recipe on internet (but haven't tried it yet) for hardwood floors using 1/2 cup of white vinegar in a couple of gallons of water. I would be cautious with this however. Maybe start with less vinegar. And DRY the floor immediately!!!!

By Angela (Guest Post)01/15/2006

I agree with the rug idea....unfortunately wood is a porous surface (which is why you should NEVER have wood toilet seats [or vinyl for that matter]), wood and cloth harbor bacteria. I would do the rug thing and just keep alternating the two rugs. Sounds like a lot of work but it will keep the "pee bacteria" out of your wood floors especially if they aren's sealed well. Also a little bleach never hurts when cleaning. Angela

By Kelly [15]01/14/2006

Still working on that! Keep cleaning right away, because that smell can come back, especially in the summer heat...try URINE GONE (also comes with a handy black light) I personally haven't tried it yet, I get by with pine-sol on the linoleum/heating vent located conviently across from the toilet and baking soda or borax with pet stain cleaner on the rugs/furniture. (never use bleach!) He still prefers to sit (cleaner that way) and I taught him right away to hold his wee-wee down while going. Still gets it under the ring sometimes, but so much easier to clean than overflowing the potty chair!

Also, never hurts to start training to clean. If he is used to helping clean up messes, teach him to drop a paper towel or regular towel (or tissue) on the mess. Try toilet paper if he is used to wiping himself, after a while of reminding him, it will become habit.

By (Guest Post)01/12/2006

Put a small vinyl backed rug, the kind cut out to fit around the base of the toilet on the floor. Juts toss into washer. They are cheap, and last longer if they don't go into dryer. Get 2.

By Connie A. (Guest Post)01/12/2006

The best solution that I have ever heard of for little boys is sinking Cheerios. Put a few Cheerios in the toilet and when he pees his job is to sink them.. This will not solve your floor problem now but hopefully it will give him better aim in the future when you do get it cleaned. Good Luck Training!

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