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Fluff on New Towels

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Every time I buy new towels (they cost me $30 each) when I wash them before we use them they are just full of fluff and it takes me ages to get it off! Why oh why?



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By Marty Dick [152]03/29/2009

We had some inexpensive towels which were dropping their chocolate brown fluff all over the tub when DH dried himself. I took all of them off the shelf and washed them and used 1 cup of vinegar in the wash along with detergent. I don't know for sure the vinegar worked but they no longer fluff up my bathroon.

By OliveOyl03/29/2009

New towels do generate a lot of lint but it goes away after a few washer/dryer cycles. Try purchasing a different brand of towel next time, maybe you will find something better.

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