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Does Borax Cause Dark Colored Clothing to Fade?

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I have read on this site that using Borax in the laundry, when washing dark colored clothing, will cause the clothing to fade. Is this true?

Sharon from Southern Illinois



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By Kristin M.04/22/2013

Yes it can. I'm actually searching for a solution to this problem. I just sprinkled the borax over my clothes in the washer when I probably should have mixed the borax with the water before adding the clothes. I now have a bright pink maternity shirt that has splotches of lighter pink.

By Lizzyanny [9]09/28/2009

Borax in your laundry does produce small amounts hydrogen peroxide, so the possibility of fading of darks does exist. However I have used it for years and have never seen any fading.

By susan [8]01/18/2008

Borax is a laundry whitener. It is one of the ingredients in homemade laundry detergent/soap, which I have used for years. None of my colored clothing have faded more than when I used store bought detergent.

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