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Yellow Stains on White Clothing

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How do you remove yellow stains from white t-shirts?

By Gene from Rochester, PA


Recent Answers

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By lesley [1]01/13/2011

A better product by the same manufacturer, Yellow Out. It will remove any yellow based stain. Follow the instructions. It does an amazing job.

By bkvander [2]01/11/2011

If you've already tried soaking the clothing in vinegar or Oyx Clean; then try a great product called "IRON OUT." Soak the clothes in a solution of Iron Out and then wash as usual. We have well water and my whites yellow quickly. What Oxy doesn't get out, Iron Out does!


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Archive: Yellow Stains on White Clothing

I have several white shirts that are becoming yellowed around the collar. I have tried bleach, but this is not working. Is there a safe, non-damaging way to remove these stains?


Archive: Yellow Stains on White Clothing

I have a white linen jacket I wore on holiday a few times. Yellow stains have appeared on it. How can I removed them?

By Bernard

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