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How Much Cabbage Do I Need to Make Cole Slaw for 150 - 200 People?


How many heads of cabbage does it take to make cole slaw for 150 to 200 people?

By Carla from Lock Haven, PA


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By linda roberts 7 40 02/05/2011 Flag

Go to they have a guide you put in how much you want to make and it tells you how much to make.

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By Marsha 1 267 02/06/2011 Flag

You can also check out these recipes that make enough coleslaw for 100 people, and double the one you think is best.

< >

Quite a lot of fun you're going to have. Good Luck.


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By gem 154 262 02/07/2011 Flag

First you should make sure you are having that many people at your affair. (Or someone is gonna get tired of eating coleslaw.) If you have the number one of people coming then is a great place to start.
If you do not have the number figure on 3/4 of your guests will arrive. That would be about 150 people and you should have a half cup per person. So you would probably be looking at 10 heads of cabbage easily.
Also another factor is if you are cutting it up small or leaving it in chunks. Larger chunks makes it look more and of course smaller, small.

Check out the recipes at They have some wonderful recipes.
Good luck to you.

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