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Homemade Nail Buffing Cream

Does anyone have a good recipe for homemade nail buffing cream? I'd like to find a simple one that makes nails shiny and stronger. Thanks!

By luvzminis from MN

Recent Answers

By Frances Adams [11]05/10/2011

A little bit of baking soda makes a great buffer.

By Anonymous [848]04/07/2011

Actually, you don't need a nail buffing cream just a gentle nail buffer. It's the buffer that does the buffing ;-) You also don't want to do it too much or too often or you will wear away the nails which will weaken them. No nail cream will strengthen the nails (they are a dead appendage) but eating a healthy balanced diet will help strengthen the nails that eventually grow from the cuticle bed.

By Vicki [21]04/07/2011

I haven't tried it, but I suggest coconut oil, olive oil or any other kind of good oil.

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