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Shelf Life of Previously Frozen Milk

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I know it is possible to freeze milk, but how long is it good after thawing?

By Mary M. from Snellville, GA


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By Bev [4]05/17/2011

I used to work in a convenience store and when the date had been reached they threw the milk away unless someone wanted to take it home. I always would take home about 3 to 4 gallons and would freeze it in 1 quart containers. We didn't really like it for drinking after it was frozen but it was great in cooking. Saved us a lot of money. Do shake it up after it is defrosted especially if it is higher in fat.

By Jonnie Shambarger [2]05/17/2011

When you put your milk in the freezer notice the expiration date on the carton it was removed from. Count forward to that date and that is how long it will be good when thawed. It is best to freeze part of it when you first purchase it and then thaw it when you use the remainder of the fresh. This gives you a longer time-frame on the thawed milk. Also, always be sure to leave enough time for the milk to thaw in the fridge when you remove it from the freezer. A quart takes at least 24 hours. Also, I like to shake the thawed milk well before using.

By Joshua Ty05/17/2011

Look into the wrapper. I know there a suggested written there.

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