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Why Did My Cornbread Turn Out Dry?

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My corn bread is dry. I followed the recipe on the cornmeal box. Can someone please help me?

By Sharon from MI


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By marie [1]04/26/2011

Either your oven bakes quicker than the time shown on the box, or you need to add a small amount of liquid to the mix.
My oven always takes 5 min less to bake with a 30 minute time, and 1 to 2 minutes less with 8 to 10 minute cookies.

By Sharon [9]02/20/2011

Thank You AntiBim. I remember adding mayonnaise to chocolate cake to keep them moist and adding it to corn bread makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much.

By AuntieBim [3]02/19/2011

Oh, I do like those ideas, gals! Will try m'self. Sharon, my first thought was perhaps you baked it a bit too long--that often happens when product comes out dry. But adding another egg & some honey should really do the trick, as well as the sour cream idea. Even just a good scoop of mayonaisse would help, I'm sure.

By Sharon [9]02/14/2011

Thank you both for the hints I will be trying both of them.

By Sharon [9]02/14/2011

Thank you both for the hints I will be trying both of them.

By Cindy [3]02/13/2011

Sharon, I learned this hint from a friend who makes delightfully moist and sweet cornbread: Add one more egg than the recipe instructions call for, and a tablespoon of honey.

I'm sure exceptions exist, but every boxed, bagged, or from scratch cornbread batter I've used since, always turns out better with the extra egg and honey. Good luck and Enjoy!

By Kendy [5]02/12/2011

Sharon, mine always was, too until I started adding a heaping tablespoon of sour cream to the batter- also I throw in about 1/3 of a cup of frozen corn kernels, try it once and see, cook it a tad bit longer but don't overcook and this might be your new cornbread recipe!

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