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Home Remedies for Crab Grass


I am looking for home remedies for crab grass and weeds that won't kill normal grasses like fescue. I remember a Mr. Baker who was a retired chemist and had home spun solutions (i.e. Gin to kill weeds, coke-beer-detergent to digest dead grass). Any suggestions?

Hardiness Zone: 7b

By Don


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By kathleen williams 76 1,662 04/08/2010

To keep the yard weeds and crab grass out of your lawn without using chemicals is to find the areas that have the most crab grass and weeds, bring a leaf bag, bucket of water with you or your garden hose and spray the area where the crab grass and weeds are, this will make the soil softer so you can pull those unwanted weeds and grass out. Then put the weeds and crab grass in the bag, because if you just threw those weeds and crab in another part of your yard, when the weeds and crab grass dry out, the seeds will fall off and grow in that part of your yard.

Step 3 When you have pulled out those weeds and crab grass, loosen up the soil, sprinkle a lot of grass seed where the weeds were and then water. The more grass seed you sprinkle, the thicker that part of the lawn will be. The new grass will grow. When it is time to cut your lawn, don't cut your lawn too short, because if you cut your lawn short and there are bare spots of dirt in your lawn. Most likely crab grass and weeds will grow again.

Step 4 Crab grass and weeds like lots of sun and when those areas in your lawn are full of nice thick grass. The sun will not shine down to the dirt and the crab grass and yard weeds will not grow.

Or cover it with plastic for a few weeks, good luck.

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By Lisa K 17 04/12/2010

I would like to have this recipe if anyone has it. "coke-beer-detergent to digest dead grass"

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