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Dachshund Losing Hair on Ears

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My Dachshund is losing hair only on her ears. What could be the problem?

Valerie from Columbia South Carolina


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By Linda08/26/2009

My chihuahua is also losing hair on his ears and they are cold. My vet says next step would be a biopsy requiring taking a notch out of his ear. He says it might be a circulatory problem in his capillaries from the brain. What did your sister's vet say?

By Magalis3 (Guest Post)08/28/2007

My dachshund is also loosing hair on her ears but they are very tender and warm. She is also shaking a lot and itching herself. The vet has done all sorts of tests and still nothing. He is supposing it's an allergy but the medicine isn't clearing anything up, and I am seriously getting worried.

By Guest (Guest Post)12/03/2006

I am interested in adopting a Dachshund that we found out has Demodex. The current owner has him on medicine from the vet but my concern is that the investation won't resolve. Has anyone had problems with demodex not resolving, or has anyone had a Dachshund where the mange cleared up? How long should I expect it to take to clear, as it has already been on treatment for ~2 months.

By Sherrell (Guest Post)04/25/2006

We had the same problem with our dog and the vet said it was a mite. Treatment requires medication prescribed by the vet.

By Diana (Guest Post)04/25/2006

Mange (Caused by a mite) could cause loss of fur
check with your vet

By Glinda (Guest Post)04/24/2006

Have you had her ears checked for ear mites?
They would scratch at their ears for this (even at night), and fur come off.

By Shirley Turpin04/24/2006

My sister's dachshund had this same problem. The vet told her it was a circulation problem where not enough was getting to the ears. Are her ears real cold? they gave her something for it and the hair grew back some. I will get in touch with my sister and see if I can find out more about this. E-mail me at turp@cableusa and I will let you know what I find out. Shirley in So California

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