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Dog Has Fecal Incontinence When Sleeping


My 3 month old pit bull dribbles pee when she walks and sometimes poops when she sleeps. Why?

By Lotus from NM


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By Lisa 2 656 11/09/2010 Flag

Lotus, this sounds like a good question for your dog's vet. You could try calling and asking them over the phone. Sometimes our vet's office will give simple advice over the phone, so it's worth a shot. If it's something to be concerned about, they'll suggest a visit.

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By Jeannie 1 1 11/10/2010 Flag

Has your doggie been fixed? My vet has told me a few things that can cause the little poops during sleep. Here they are: If the animal has been fixed at an early age (under 6 months), there could have been something snipped or messed up during surgery, the wrong kinds of treats, the lack of or too much treats, seizures during sleep,etc.The problem is...there has really been no cure or fix for my dog. Sometimes she does it and sometimes she doesn't. Luckily mine only "poops" and doesn't pee.

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My beautiful Boston Terrier has a problem with fecal incontinence when very relaxed or asleep. He is fully house trained but sometimes releases a very small 'rabbit dropping-size' poop in his sleep.

We have tried asking the vet if he has a problem and have contacted our breeder, but nobody seems to know what to suggest. We have tried dog nappies and home made devices for catching the poop, but with no success. If anybody has advice or has encountered the same problem, please let me know.

Thank you,


RE: Dog Has Fecal Incontinence When Sleeping

Never heard of that but it makes me wonder if his awake stools are normal. Maybe he's a bit constipated? Maybe he's eating something that gives him gas and a little poop is expelled when that happens? I'd watch him for a couple of days and see what he eats and how he poops, it could be interesting. =(^.^)= (10/13/2008)

By Glenn'sMom

RE: Dog Has Fecal Incontinence When Sleeping

We have three dogs, but never had this exact problem. You may need to give him more exercise. This will cause him to go to the bathroom more and then he shouldn't have any problem at night. I'd definitely give him a long walk in the evening to make sure he goes to the bathroom, then feed him after he's rested from the walk. Then see if he'll go out one last time before bedtime.

You may be feeding him too late in the evening and not getting him out enough. Sounds like he's just full. We walk our dogs twice a day; in the morning and in the evening, and they always go to the bathroom on both our walks.

Hope that helps.
-Lee in Florida (10/15/2008)

By PainterLee

RE: Dog Has Fecal Incontinence When Sleeping

I believe they can just be so relaxed that it happens. During surgery at work, it happens frequently because they are relaxed from the sedatives. It also depends on the age sometimes too from what I have seen. (10/15/2008)

By kerry

RE: Dog Has Fecal Incontinence When Sleeping

This happened to my dog and I was mortified. She has never had any problems before this, but at night or when very relaxed she would poop these almost perfectly round, dry balls of poop, rather small. After 3 days I took her to the vet, x-rays were taken, and she said there were large amounts of gas in her gut. She said it was probably from a buildup of the gas pushing these balls out. She gave me some medication that reduces inflammation in the gut.

I should say that this started to happen the day after I fed her an enormous amount of veggies that I was chopping up for a veggie soup. The doctor said to limit the veggies and fruits. Since then I have limited it and the medication was taken and she hasn't had the problem since. (10/19/2008)

By j

RE: Dog Has Fecal Incontinence When Sleeping

My Boston Terrorist has done this on occasion and after reading info from Rose McGowan ("Charmed"), she is a huge advocate for our stinky Bostons: it's the gas factor w/ a deep relaxing sleep. Their short snouts cause them to intake air different while they eat. If it continues for more than a week or you find urine with it, get to the vet. If it's only on occasion, well, I guess it's just the joy of having one of the gassiest breeds in America. Ya' gotta love 'em! (10/21/2008)

By bubbas' daddy

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RE: Dog Has Fecal Incontinence When Sleeping

Thanks to everyone for their advice and suggestions. The general consensus seems to be excessive 'gas', which doesn't surprise me greatly and is somewhat comforting - at least no major problem. How could anybody be angry with a face as cute as this. (10/23/2008)

By Dee Wood

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