How do you get WD40 out of clothing?


I read that WD40 would take tomato stain out of clothes, and it did, but now how do I get the WD40 oil stain out?

Penny from, Jackson MI



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By amy 3 13 01/28/2008

As a steel worker, I tend to get alot of oil on me. Let's not even get into the smell! lol! Now I don't work w/WD40, but I have found that (idea from my dad) pouring in a full can of dark soda (aka Coke) will help out. Keep in mind, full load setting, and nothing else in washer. ( I know, what a waste!!) Hope that helps!

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By elizabeth (Guest Post) 01/28/2008

Greased Lightening is awesome. Spray and let soak a few minutes and then scrub it with an old toothbrush or something and keep repeating (about 5 or 6 times). This stuff is awesome and it works well with Magic Marker on clothes and ink as well. The only place around my area that sells it is a Dollar General store.

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By Beth 25 1,120 01/29/2008

Lestoil gets out all kinds of stains. It actually got the car door jamb grease out of my light colored rain coat.

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By Jowita (Guest Post) 02/22/2008

I use Goo Gone product on stains like oil, butter etc. Just pour some on the stain and leave it on for a while (couple of hours at least) than wash it in the washing machine.

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By Teresa 27 4 01/29/2008

I always use greased lightning on oil stains and they come out about every time....Won't hurt to give it a try.

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Archive: How do you get WD40 out of clothing?

How do you get WD40 out of clothing?

Lisa from Jax, FL


Lisa, have you tried Dawn dish soap straight on the spot (rub and let set a few minutes)? I think that should take out the spot....if not after one washing, then perhaps another time or 2. I hope this works for you. (08/19/2006)

By Luvyabye

Don't Wash in Cold

Hi Lisa, As WD40 is an oil, be sure to wash it with hot water and detergent. Cold water will set the oil. Good luck! (08/21/2006)


Greased Lightning

About the Wd40 on your clothes, have you tried Greased Lighting? I would spray it and let it set for a while and then spray it again before washing it.

If it didn't come out, don't put it in the dryer, spray it some more and then let it set over night and repeat it again before washing.

I love this stuff and it get most all stains out. It may take a few treatments, but it usually gets them out. Hope this helps. (08/22/2006)

By Teresa

Archive: How do you get WD40 out of clothing?

My sons favorite sweatshirt got WD40 soaked on the sleeve. I've tried soaking it in Oxyclean overnight but that didn't do it. Any ideas?


LIZ from Redmond, OR

RE: How do you get WD40 out of clothing?

if it is an oil based stain it comes out with borateem and detergent with the hottest water you can use on that fabric. my husband can make the biggest mess of his jeans, he doesn't know what a shop rag is for, and i use 1/2 cup borateem with 1/2 cup gain or tide detergent and very hot water. good luck (09/06/2006)

By Carla

RE: How do you get WD40 out of clothing?

My father.. a mechanic used to have a product called "Brake Clean" it was a brake cleaner for cars. It worked like magic on a black grease stain that I once got on my new red wool coat. It worked by just spraying it on and then the stain was gone! High fumes though, you'd have to use it outside!

Diane (09/06/2006)

By thyme2garden

RE: How do you get WD40 out of clothing?

I sprayed Simple Green on, washed in cold water and the WD40 came right out. Be sure to check before you put it in the dryer. (09/06/2006)

By Marylin

RE: How do you get WD40 out of clothing?

I've never tried it but have heard that pine sol removes grease stains on clothing. (09/06/2006)

By da

RE: How do you get WD40 out of clothing?

SHAMPOO- ---> WD40 is oil based, Shampoo is meant to get rid of oil from your hair. Cheap Shampoo may strip you hair, it also "strips" the WD40 right out of your clothes! (09/06/2006)

By Cyinda

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