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The Wicky Wacky Cloud Club

I would like to know if anyone remembers The Wicky Wacky Cloud Club. if you do. Could you tell me what it was all about?

Az2010 from Easthampton, MA

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March 7, 20060 found this helpful

I did a search on the internet and this is what came up......

http://www.octa  aby/tvradio.html

when you get to the site scroll down to where it says..

Norelco, Ready Kilowatt and Nanny

Or go to and search for The Wicky Wacky Cloud Club

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March 15, 20060 found this helpful

Thanks. I found that too, but anyone who remembers the name of the club...doesn't remember what it was all about.....That is what I want to know.

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April 4, 20060 found this helpful

What was the show all about? Well, that's the $64,000 question, isn't it? There are probably hundreds of other baby boomers out there, with vague or fragmentary memories of the show, who would like to have a definitive answer.

Since this appears to be the only place on the internet where this subject is being discussed, I would suggest that some WWCC fan who reads this, should either make an entry in WikiPedia (or would that be WikiWakiPedia in this case), or better yet, start up a WWCC web page or website that has a forum or guest book.

The idea is to have a central place where boomers can contribute what they remember about the show. You might be able to get some info from the station, or from Phil S. himself, if he's still in the area. Also, look at old newspaper tv schedules or tv guides on microfilm.

(Unresearched) info from memory: The Wicky Wacky Cloud Club was on the air in the late '50s and early '60s, maybe 1958-1962. WWLP broadcasted it live, on Saturday mornings, from their old studios on Provin Mountain.

It was, I think, a half-hour show, with a setting in the clouds. It starred Wicky and Wacky, two characters who lived there in the clouds. They were either invisible, or didn't appear on screen. But, you would hear them talk to each other, and to Phil.

You got to know Phil as an artist, on this show. I remember him using a black marker on a large sheet of drawing paper that was clipped to an easel, or other vertical surface. He kept glancing at something off screen while drawing it. I think that two of his favorite subjects were Wicky and Wacky, but I can't recall how they looked.

Unlike Phil's second show (As Schools Match Wits) with it's Leroy Anderson theme song, the Wicky Wacky Cloud Club theme song was original. Well, I've never heard it anywhere else, so I'm assuming that someone created it for the show. It was an instrumental song that started off with a xylophone theme in a major key. Next, you heard a winds/brass theme in a lower minor key. Then, it returned to the xylophone theme.

So, I've mentioned here, a few things I remember about the show. But, what was the show all about? I really couldn't tell you!

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October 31, 20160 found this helpful

The Wicky Wacky CLub Club was like the Bozo the clown, Howdy Doody and stuff like that, a kids show with I believe a live audience. It was on WWLP and the original host was Phil Sheperdson who if some remember did As Schools Match Wits, and subbed for Jon Quill on the WWLP Weather forecasts, and occasionally the news and other spots. He also taught at Westfild State later on. He was at UMASS when he did the show. Wicky and Wacky wrer invisible 'gremlins' always causing some unseen mischief.

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October 21, 20060 found this helpful

I was born in '55, and my brother in '53. He was a card carrying member of the "Wicky Wacky Cwoud Cwub". He kept the card in his wallet (probably an old wallet that had been our father's). I remember asking him to open the wallet often, so I could see the card. He would correct my pronounciation before he showed me the card. It seemed so official at the time. I think that the card was white with puffy blue clouds. It had his name on it.

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February 3, 20070 found this helpful

I was a member. It was sponsored by Channel 40 in Springfield. It was just for little kids.

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April 30, 20070 found this helpful

The Wicky Wacky Cloud club was hosted by Phil Shepardson in the early 60s. Maybe earlier. Phil was a professor at Westfield State and hosted "As Schools Match wits" on WWLP channel 22. He wore a straw hat and a strip coat. I always imagined that the coat was red and white. That was the days of black and white with 3 channels to watch so who know. He was a wonderful caricature artist. He has an artist easel and some markers. The show had cartoons and if memory serves me, so guests. I even had a membership card.

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June 5, 20070 found this helpful

The Wicky Whacky Cloud Cub was around during themid to late 50's. If I am not mistaken it was a western Mass., possibly northern Ct. thing. I believe it was on television Channel 40 then known as WHYN. It may have also been associated with the "Admiral and Swabby Show", which was targeting a kids audience. I hope this is accurate and helpfull.

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June 6, 20070 found this helpful

Az, The Wicky Wacky Cloud Club was simply entertainment for kids on Saturday morning. There was no plot and it wasn't "about" anything. Also, it was channel 22 (WWLP) not 40 (WHYN).

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August 13, 20070 found this helpful

During that show I think there was someone who would draw some characters on a large sketch pad and that led to a cartoon related to that drawing. This was a club that you received a free membership by mail through WWLP channel 22 in Springfield. I'm from Holyoke and I was on the Admiral and Swabby Show around 1959 which was on rival WHYN Ch 40 in Springfield. Hey what about the Ranger Andy show on Channel 3 playing his banjo.. We had only 3 channels but they all had something going for us kids. If there were any videos available on these shows, the kids of today would shake their heads in disbelief. We were at the beginnings of Television and everythng was local, no satellite, no 24 hour programs. 1:00am was sign off and at 6:00am was the flag and star spangled banner when the station started it's broadcast day..

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September 22, 20070 found this helpful

I remember the Wicky Wacky cloud club. It was on channel 22, WWLP on Sat. mornings. I loved it. It starred Phil Shepardson and 2 invisible fairies named Wicky and Wacky. Phil later went on to host As Schools Match Wits for many years and teach at westfield State. A friend worked at Ch. 22 and he told me that Phil would get really mad if anyone mentioned the show. Hope that helps.

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September 26, 20070 found this helpful

Yes I remember as schools match wits which I hear is back on the air but on channel 57 the PBS affiliate in Springfield. Here's the theme song for the show "as schools match wits" which was composed by Leroy Anderson called "Buglers Holiday"

http://www.lero  lers-holiday.mp3

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April 15, 20080 found this helpful

WOW, there's a flash from the past. The Admiral was an usher at my church as a kid. I remember calling him and embarrassing my parents and the Admiral, lol. I was even a member, had the card and everything. Still a member in good standing today ;-)

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April 15, 20080 found this helpful

WOW, there's a flash from the past. The Admiral was an usher at my church as a kid. I remember calling him and embarrassing my parents and the Admiral, lol. I was even a member, had the card and everything. Still a member in good standing today ;-)

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January 16, 20090 found this helpful

New to this website, but happened to come upon it when entering 'admiral and swabby'. I vaguely remember being on that show as a child, sitting on the admirals lap and crying - and wanted to look it up. In the process, 'wicky, wacky' came up. I never knew about this phrase, where it came from, etc.. I remember when our neighborhood mailman came down our street, all of us kids would follow him as he delivered the mail and sing 'wicky, wacky mailman'. I never knew where it came from until now. I remember the admiral and swabby, but do not remember 'wicky, wacky'. Thanks!

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July 6, 20100 found this helpful

Heard the WWCC theme yesterday on Comcast's "Light Classical Music," xylophone and all, but did not get to the tv in time to see the name of the song! Drat! Which is why I Bing'd WWCC today and ended up here.

I did get to see Phil Shepherdson twice in his WWLP incarnations. First time in the peanut gallery on WWCC, when a man in stilts came out, terrified the snot out of me, and I had to leave the set.

2nd time was in 1969 1970 and 1971, as one of West Side High's "As Schools Match Wits" team, did mention WWCC to Phil. He didn't get angry but he wasn't exactly pleased either.

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September 23, 20140 found this helpful

I read all the reponses and can add my favorite part was when the Tom Terrific and his mighty dog Manfred cartoon came on!

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August 26, 20150 found this helpful

I was born in 1948 and I was a "member" of the "Wicky Wacky Cloud Club". The show highlighted a cartoonist whose real name was Phil Shepardson. He would teach us the letters of the alphabet. He would draw a letter G for example on a large white sketch pad on an easel I believe and then would make a cartoon character out of the letter. I still can see the G letter being made into a man's face with a hat. I always enjoyed his originality. I had thought the show as on in the evening or late afternoon but several people who posted here say it was Sat. a.m.; I can't say for sure which day of the week it was myself. I was sad when the show ended. It was interesting to see him later as a serious "intellectual" of sorts on "As Schools Match Wits"; I felt a bit betrayed as he never alluded to his former show which I had loved. I thought that was strange. The fact that he was not pleased to be reminded of that former show and his part in it tells me that later as a Professor he wanted to be known as a serious minded man, a "man of letters" (pun intended) perhaps not as a cartoonist which perhaps he had been "put down" about when at Westfield State College as a "professor" or "instructor". It seems he was embarrassed about his having been part of a show that perhaps his peers at the college took the opportunity to tease him about; hmmm, who knows ...maybe that is what prompted him to have a serious show such as "As Schools Match Wits". It would be interesting to talk to his family, if he married and had children. I noted online that he has died which makes sense as he would have been around my dad's age likely who would have been in his early nineties now if still alive. So, in closing, I do not think the show was not about "anything" as one writer posted but it was clearly a very early "educational" show on black and white t.v. in the late 50's designed to help children learn the alphabet in a fun way and also create an interest in drawing and using a person's natural talents to help them learn their ABC's.

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