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Cleaning Toilet Rim Flush Holes


How do I clean out lime build up in the flush holes under the lip in the toilet bowl? When you flush the toilet these holes clean off the sides of the bowl, but only the center hole is working fine. I figure these holes are plugged up with lime build-up.

By Steven from Tyrone, OK


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By kathleen williams 76 1,661 12/22/2009 Flag

The toilet bowl is filled with water after flushing by means of small angled inlet holes under the rim. These holes commonly become clogged by the buildup of calcite and other mineral deposits over time. Also, they can become stopped up with material that was in the bowl, such as cat litter, cotton balls, or anything else which should not be flushed down a toilet. Fixing this problem is as simple as cleaning out the holes. Often, prodding them with something hard or sharp will do the trick. For more serious clogs, it might help to use white vinegar to dissolve the buildup. good luck.

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By REE 1 63 12/25/2009 Flag

Put a chlorine tab from the pool in the tank. Dollar tree has some as well. You might have to change the flapper to one to handle chemicals *mine is yellow-orange. This takes off the buildup on sides of the toilet, should work on the holes too.

If you don't flush at night the chlorine concentrate is pretty intense so it would be helpful I would think for the holes. Ria

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By christine M. Thayer 2 232 12/25/2009 Flag

I've done this many times. It's disgusting, but once you get them clean, you can keep them cleaner fairly easily.
first flush the toilet. Then scoop or use a cloth to sop all the water out of the toilet, you want it fairly dry. I've found that when the mineral deposits clog the hole, there is mineral deposits where the water goes when you flush it, so I work on this part too at the same time.

Then get something like lysol toilet bowl cleaner, vinegar may work too, but the lysol is thicker & sticks better. Squirt the cleaner under the rim & down lower really well. You may have to practically stick your head in the toilet to see well. Another reason to get the water out of the bottom. Let it soak for about 10-15mins. Put on gloves, you don't want to eat your hands up. Then get an ice pick or an old pointed paring knife. Work on the holes & the bottom if you need it. Do as much as you can, then flush the toilet. If there is still stuff left, do it all over again.

When you scrape, dig, chip out & basically chisel the stuff out, it smells pretty bad, so I always do it in stages. Depends on how bad the problem is. Afterward, you can use the lysol on a regular basis & this will keep it clean.
I've done some pretty bad toilets in my time & I know how awful this is, it also can make the toilet not smell completely clean after you clean, so it's necessary to keep the deposits away.

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By Ce 4 118 12/27/2009 Flag

My sister has this same kind of toilet with the flush holes and I just unplugger her flush holes this past Tuesday, Dec. 22. I got a wire coat hanger, get some pliers and cut off about 10 to 12 inches to make it easier to work with. Put some gloves on, get on your knees, tie back your hair, and work the hanger into each hole. When the hanger goes through the flush hole give the hanger a couple of turns and you will see the calcium build up fall off into the toilet bowl. You have to clean each flush hole even the small ones in the front of the bowl. Trust me that hanger was the perfect size and it did the job in about one-half hour.

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By Becki T. 1 01/14/2015 Flag

I have the same issue with clogged holes under the rim and used a wire hanger to try clean them out several times but it doesn't seem to work for me. Perhaps the clogs in each hole are farther inside that I can't reach with the wire. I was thinking about trying to use calcium cleaning concentrate in the tank and try to "flush" the clogs out. Has anyone tried that? Is it too harsh for the flapper and mechanism inside the tank? Is the white vinegar strong enough to take care of the problem? Any other suggestions?

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