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Preventing an Ink Cartridge From Drying Out


How do you stop printer ink cartridges from going dry?

By Helen from U.K


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By Cajun 59 327 07/23/2010 Flag

If you're not using your 'color' cartridge(s) much, then make a habit of doing a 'tone-up' weekly to test the colors....I have a bad habit of doing most of my printing with the black cartridge and have lost/wasted a color cartridege..

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Archive: Preventing an Ink Cartridge From Drying Out

My printer ink always goes dry on me way before it gets used up. I mainly print out is recipes. So every 6 months or so I end up paying another $28 for an ink cartridge. Is there a way to keep printer ink from drying out? Please.

Ariela from FL


RE: Preventing an Ink Cartridge From Drying Out

This is a bit of a pain, but you could remove the cartridge in between uses, and put a strip of clear tape over the opening where the ink comes out (the same area that you remove the tape strip when you first open an ink cart). (09/29/2006)

By Ree 127

RE: Preventing an Ink Cartridge From Drying Out

You are much better off using your printer than letting it sit. If you are not using it very much you can take the cartridge out and put it into a sealed plastic container with a moistened cotton ball. Keep the cotton ball moistened because this will dry out too.

When the cartridge starts drying out, sometimes you cannot refill some of the color chambers because you can get clogged chamber and it is nearly impossible to get them to work correctly again. Talking from experience!

This is a tip from the company where I buy my inks for refilling. (09/29/2006)

By Syd

RE: Preventing an Ink Cartridge From Drying Out

I was told or read to print something out at least once a month, just to keep things moving. It is working for me. (09/30/2006)

By afrugallady

RE: Preventing an Ink Cartridge From Drying Out

My Lexmark cartridges dry out fast. I don't use the printer really frequently but, try to print a little something when I do use my computer to keep the ink flowing. I wiped the copper contact/nozzle on the cartridge with rubbing alcohol on paper toweling twice, until clean. I then carefully poured a little of the alcohol onto the copper contact surface, let sit for 10-15 seconds and wiped dry, repeating for a second time. When I plug it back into the printer, it prints. Good luck with yours. (10/02/2008)

By Kesslers

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