Gift Ideas for 20 Year Old Son


Any ideas for a gift for my 20 year old son? I would like ideas that are $100 or less.

By kathleen48 from Scarborough, ME


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By Janet 11 717 06/17/2009

How about:
1. a camera
2. tickets for a concert
3. gift certificate for music/dvd's
4. a membership for months to Netflix or Blockbuster
5. movie theater gift card

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By margaret spurlock 4 27 06/17/2009

I would give him the money as I was always buying gifts for my kids and grand kids but they didn't like what I got so I said right buy it your self then. They did and they got what they wanted. So I have been doing it all the time now just get a card and put it in it. You will be surprised at his reaction.

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By Karen Kwaak 3 12 06/18/2009

I don't know how handy your son is,but at this age he probably could use some tools. My son is 26 and I have been giving him some sort of tool at Christmas and his birthday for several years. I also give him a box of hot tomales as a gift. They are his favorite and it's a way of saying "I love you'. Find something that would be a symbol to let your son know that you love him and he is special to you.

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By Lelia Jo Cordell 51 1,936 06/21/2009

I like the "cash card" idea. I can't think of a kid this age who doesn't love receiving money! Or, you could give him gift cards to his favorite eaterie, whether it's Taco Bell, Subway, or somewhere more upscale.

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By Cindy 7 161 06/23/2009

I just bought my 18 yr old son a digital camera for high school graduation. It was around $100 at WalMart and included a little tripod, the memory card and a case. I am buying my niece a digital voice recorder for her graduation and my sister is buying the same thing for my son. If your son is in college, this may be a good gift to record lectures. Otherwise, gas gift cards, clothing, food gift cards or itunes gift cards are good ideas as well.

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By alison 3 42 07/13/2009

A gift card to best buy
A visa gift card
A gas card if he has a vehicle
A Barnes and Noble gift certificate

A party Idea A bunch of friends going over to play lazer tag or Paint ball. Course, I'd personally would make sure you have other adults there watching.

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If you love in the country get him a small shotgun(4-10), a .22 rifle or a bb gun pistol. Get him outside, the last thing 20 year olds need to be doing is staying inside playing videogames. If guns seem too overboard for you get him something manly. Tools, camping gear, work boots, coveralls, a bow, cologna, razor, a buck knife, car gear. Or tooth whitening stuff, exercise equipment, a guitar, a book about building stuff or gardening.

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