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Cleaning Hair Off Velcro Hair Rollers

I use those velcro hair rollers but after some usage, loose hair becomes stuck to the rollers and then they don't work very well. Does anybody have an easy way of taking the hair off the rollers? Picking it off by hand is very time consuming!

Thanks for any tips.

Marion in Ontario from Ontario, Canada

Recent Answers

By Pamelas M.11/17/2013

I found a fast and easy way to clean velcro rollers. Take a sanitizing wipe, like Botanicals lemongrass, or somesuch, and wipe down the bristles on the vacuum brush. Wait a few minutes, according to package directions, if needed. Turn on the vacuum and position the roller over the opening in the center of the brush, rolling the hair roller against the bristles on the vacuum brush. Make sure you are very careful with small rollers, as they might upend and get sucked into the vacuum. The suction force will help to remove and point out hairs that you can use your fingers to loosen if needed. It really doesn't take very long, and it will suction a whole bunch of them at once so that really speeds up the process. Plus there's no cleanup of hairs all over when you are done :)

By safarisue04/09/2013

I use sudsy ammonia to clean my brushes and combs so I'll try it with my hairy Velcro rollers. I don't have the patience to clean each.

By Toebeanie (Guest Post)01/28/2009

I put mine in the washer with a couple of bath towels. Am a hairstylist and have done this for years. Run through low heat dryer with towels, also.

By Chris01/04/2009

I don't know much about hair rollers but I have cleaned cat hair out of flat Velcro using a Fur-Zoff tool. I bought it to get the dog hair out of my car and found it useful for all sorts of hair cleaning chores around the house. You can see it on their website at It actually works better than they say!

By Cotati Red (Guest Post)11/12/2008

The Fuller Brush company makes a small rake-like tool to lift hair from hair brushes. You put the small tines under hair on a brush. It works very well. You might have to do some research on-line to find a distributor (they used to sell door to door in the "olden days"!)

By rei (Guest Post)07/25/2008

Was this a bad brand of hair rollers?

By duke (Guest Post)07/09/2008

Just rub the rollers against each other.

By Joelene (Guest Post)06/20/2008

You can also roll two of the rollers around eachother, this helps get some of the hair out.

By hh (Guest Post)01/11/2008

Can you all help me how to remove those things when they are stuck on the velcro? It is so exhausted to use hands.

By Todd Groshong (Guest Post)05/25/2006

or google "velcro cleaning"

By (Guest Post)03/03/2006

I have the same trouble with round brushes & end up CUTTING the hair off with a fine pair of scissors. Nail scissors might work for the rollers.

By Marion in Ontario (Guest Post)01/07/2006

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I have tried all. The toothbrush wasn't stiff enough and other brushes were too big . The velcro strip worked not too bad. Soaking them in bleach also worked not too bad. The crochet hook helped to lift the hair off the roller too, so it was easier to grab than just using mythumb and fingers.
So, thanks again for all your help, this is the greatest site!

By Paula12/22/2005

Soak them in some bleach &hot water..
I do hair and use these also it workd for me
rinse them well..

By Holly [350]12/16/2005

A friend suggested using an old toothbrush to get hair off of velcro closures, so I'm guessing this might be helpful.

By Lois Kersti Brouillette [3]12/15/2005

I haven't tried this but I think it is worth trying, if you happen to have any velcro strips in your house, I know that you can buy it even at your grocery store.It won't matter if you buy the sew on or adhesive type, because you are only going to use the surface.Try using one side patting at it, then if that does not work try using the other side, its hard to describe because their is the side that has larger loops and teeth, and of course that how it sticks together.The reason I think that this will work, is because a lot of times you can use tape to remove tape, dryer lint to pick up more lint, etc. Hope it helps, if not you could just use a crochet hook, but you may not have one handy.Kersti

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