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Getting Rid of Ant Hills

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There are a variety of ways both natural and chemical for getting rid of ant hills. This is a guide about getting rid of ant hills.


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September 11, 20070 found this helpful

I suggest the following procedure for eliminating ant mounds in lawns. First, rake the ant mound down level by spreading the dirt to the surrounding area. Wait several days to see if the ants rebuild the mound. If they do, you can chose to use an insecticide to reduce the population rather than fight the mound with repeated raking. After the mound has been raked level, sprinkle a small amount of diazinon granules or Sevin dust onto the area. Rake again to mix the insecticide into the dirt and then water the area. Hopefully one treatment will reduce the ant population sufficiently to make their presence tolerable for the remainder of the summer. If not, repeat as needed.


Source: Ant Control in Lawns - Iowa State University

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September 11, 20071 found this helpful

I assume you are talking about fire ants. If so, this is what we do in Texas -- sprinkle dry grits around the ant mound. Ants take the grits back inside the mound as food, eat it, and "pop", they blow themselves up. This is cheaper and safer than insecticides.

I've also heard that if you have 2 mounds close to each other, take a shovel full of mound dirt from one and throw it on the other mound. The ants "fight it out" and destroy each others mounds.

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May 31, 20140 found this helpful

How should I tackle removing the nest? It is approx. 18inches in diameter and approx. 15 inches high.

By Anne from Bristol

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June 2, 20140 found this helpful

Buy boric acid it is in the laundry section in the store. pour it around the hill & then in it use a funnel so you can get it right over the top of the nest. BTW cover yourself long gloves and pull nylons over your pants so the ants can't get into your clothing. Boric acid when the ants get it on them it drys them out and they return to the nest and other eat them. Beware that boric acid can harm other animals but in a cemetery... I dont think you have to worry much.

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June 2, 20140 found this helpful

I would call the office of the cemetery, and see if someone will take care of this for you. However, if you have to do it yourself, the best product I have found is a product we get here in Canada which is an expanding spray foam that you shoot into the ant hill. That does a good job of killing them most of the time. If it is a very large hill, you may have to do it more than once. I have tried diatomaeteous (sp?) earth, and that works, but takes many applications. I use it in my yard where I think my pets might tramp through a poisonous product.

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June 24, 20162 found this helpful

i had a big ant hill in my garden and read on line how to get rid of it,boiling water,vinegar etc..i asked my 81 yr old mother and this really worked what she told me,so simple i didnt beleive it would work.She said go to the ant hill and in your mind ask them to leave,so i tried it,about 4 different times during the day i went out and asked them to move to the other side of the street.About 2 days later i checked and they were gone!unbeleivable!it really did work.Try it you"ll be amazed,i didnt want to burn or kill them for the sake of it and i dont usually believe in this sort of thing but it really worked,give it a go,it doesnt cost owt!

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August 6, 20160 found this helpful

Put some gas on them

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March 16, 20120 found this helpful

Is there an easy, cheap way to do away with the mounds of ants popping up? I've heard of several household products that are suppose to work and don't.

By Joe D

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March 18, 20120 found this helpful
Best Answer

Squeeze bottle with Karo syrup 90% add about 10% 20 Mule team Borax (not boraxo or hand wash). Warm and shake until dissolved. Place squirt where ants go but not where pets or wildlife might eat it. The workers carry it back to nest and the queen is killed. Queens can live 20 years and produce many more queens.

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April 23, 2008

How can I get rid of ant hills naturally?

Mary from Michigan

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July 3, 20081 found this helpful

Regarding ants on lawn, several people have posted suggestions for undiluted white vinegar. I took this advice and I can assure you that this treatment will kill your grass very effectively but the ants don't seem to give a darn.

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July 9, 20080 found this helpful

I've recently discovered that a garden hose pipe on full power aimed at the top of the ant hill for a few minutes does the trick, I like to call it the "IndependANTZ Day" Method.

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July 19, 20160 found this helpful

It's a lie, it doesn't work. Verified as FALSE on

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August 6, 20160 found this helpful

I agree. No luck with vinegar.

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August 29, 2007

Any ideas on how to get rid of ant hills in the lawn? This year my Mom and I both have really bumpy lawns, and we both seem to have been overrun with ants. I would like to be as natural as possible. I have tried hot water but they just seemed to come back.

hellybelly17 from Leicestershire, England

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August 29, 20070 found this helpful

I have had real good luck with corn meal. Just sprinkle it around the mound and they eat it. Then they get liquid which swells the cornmeal and they die. Good Luck.

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August 29, 20070 found this helpful

I use cleanser, like Comet or Ajax. Sprinkle it around the hole.

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August 29, 20070 found this helpful

I tried everything: bleach, ammonia full strength. They disappeared and came back again. However, I tried full strength white vinegar. The haven't returned. It has been years now.

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August 30, 20070 found this helpful

Give grits a try. Wait for a day that it won't rain. Sprinkle dry grits around the ant hill. The worker ants will come out, and take this to their queen as food. She will consume the grits, they will swell, and she will die. No queen, no workers.

Hope this helps.


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September 7, 2006


How to get rid of ants and ant hills on a paver walkway?

Hardiness Zone: 5a

Buttercup from Michigan


Buttercup, There are several effective ways to control ants, but control methods vary depending on the type of ant you're dealing with. Here is a link to information on this site that addresses control measures for several different types of ants:

Once you figure out how to get your ant problem under control, consider ways to prevent problems from reoccurring in the future. There are several good brands of sealers and joint sand stabilizers on the market. These are designed specifically to keep weeds and ants from taking up residence in between the cracks of landscaping pavers. Although I have not thoroughly researched individual brands, several claim to be environmentally friendly and seem like a good, long-lasting alternative to using chemicals. My friends who are landscapers tell me that using them when installing pavers has become standard industry practice among many professionals. The stabilizers form an almost impenetrable barrier between the paver cracks by adhering the sand grains to each other and locking them into the joints. This prevents sand loss due to settling, while keeping out weeds and ants.

Good luck!

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August 19, 20060 found this helpful

I use the sugar-borax mixture dissolved in a little water and soak cotton balls. Put these on the anthills, or in a jar with holes poked in the lid and placed on the side so ants can get in. It takes a while, but they take the food back with them and the colonies are killed off. I had three of these in my yard for the better part of the summer. After one colony was killed off, I moved a jar to the next place I saw ants. Slowly, my yard became mine again.

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August 21, 20060 found this helpful

Try pouring boiling water on the hill. Since the hill is located on/near a paved surface, the hot water won't make dead spots on your lawn, but it will kill the ants.

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August 24, 20061 found this helpful

I find that each type of ant is attracted to something different...sugar or proteins. The tiny black ones in Texas are "sugar" ants, as are the lightest red ones.

But the "small red" ones that are really aggressive when stirred, are protein hunters. Pharoah ants are

similar to Carpenter ants in appearance but more "playful" and lively. Carpenter ants are after termites which are full of cellulose, I understand, often eating into the termite trails of wood as well. Pharoah ants are fairly harmless eating dead bugs mostly, cleaning up the garden. The sugar ants are harmless as well, I hear.

The huge FIRE ANTS and the medium fire ants are

easy to recognize because they are fighters and are darkest red in color, stinging to protect and defend their territory,often bullies to smaller ants. All ants don't need eradication, you know, because many perform a good function.

One might checktheir children and their own habits to see if any of them are dropping popcycle sticks, candy pieces, bubble gum, sugared gum, fruit, or juices/colas, ice cream, chocolate,etc in the paths/yard/garden.Once this is corrected, one might not find many ants because they will have nothing with which to support themselves and their queen . If we just concentrate on those that hurt

humans we can also try to make peace with the others and teach our children the same? (I hope I am remembering my temporary workdays at a pest control center correctly after several years of absence.)

We are to have dominion over all creatures

on the Earth, according to the Holy Bible, but not destroy them all, as many who don't understand this do. Some laws have gone ridiculously overboard protecting some creatures, and I don't advocate

protecting creature life over human life. God clearly

describes how we are to learn from even the lowly ant

as to working a lot, teamwork, harvesting, and storing for times when we may not be able to do so. He obviously created the ant with purpose in mind, don't you agree?He certainly speaks of the ant often. Good luck and God bless you and yours.

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August 24, 20060 found this helpful

My grandmother would use her left over coffee


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April 29, 20120 found this helpful

How can I get rid of ant hills in my garden?

By Terry

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April 29, 20120 found this helpful

I had a bad ant problem in Georgia when I lived there. Then, in a natural homeowner's sort of book, I read that boiling orange peels in water and dousing the ant hill with it will take care of the problem. It did! I boiled water and orange peels in a giant pot, and poured the water over the ant hill. Worked pretty well - I think the colony came back once or twice, but after doing it a few times it never did again

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May 29, 20120 found this helpful

9 parts karo syrup, 1 part 20 mule team Borax in a squirt bottle (about). Warm just a little to dissolve. Put in areas your pets won't be able to eat it. Cracks, in the ant hole or around crevices. Be patient. They eat it for maybe up to a week and carry it back to the nest. Kills queen and all. Queens can produce other queens for up to 20 years. Kill the colony.

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June 15, 2009

We have ant hills on our brick patio deck. A friend suggested pouring boiling hot water over them so the ants surface to the top. Do you know any other easy remedies? Anything that doesn't involve poison.

By menopause from Suffield, CT

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June 17, 20090 found this helpful

Spraying vinegar or applying crushed mint leaves or cloves on the patio and around their hills should deter them :-) They might make new hills nearby but just do the same thing with the new hills and they'll eventually move far away from the area and you won't have to worry about having used poisons or being called critter cruel ;-)

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May 2, 20160 found this helpful


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August 6, 20140 found this helpful

We have an ant hill about 3 feet high on our property. It is getting bigger. What do you recommend? Thanks.

By R Timmins

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June 11, 20071 found this helpful
Q: We are starting to have an ant problem again this year. I am looking for something that will get rid for them, maybe something that can be made from items in the kitchen. There seems to be thousands of tiny ones in each hill. We do have animals and don't want anything that will be harmful to them.

Hardiness Zone: 8a

Jodi from Gary, Texas

A: Jodi,

Most ants are important to the garden. They help aerate the soil, scatter seeds and prey on harmful insects. When they become a nuisance, the best approach to controlling ants is to figure out what types of ants you have and what factors are contributing to the problem.

Ants will naturally set up colonies where access to food and water is readily available. For example, certain types of ants herd and prey on sap-sucking insects like aphids. If you get rid of the aphids, you will soon have fewer ants.

If ants are getting into your house, take note of how they are getting in and where they are headed. Remove any crumbs or other sources of food and water that they seem to be taking advantage of (inside and outside). Seal off cracks in doors or windows with a bit of Elmer's© glue or clear silicon sealant to prevent them from entering. Add a little boric acid to the glue or sealant to keep them from eating the glue.

For immediate relief indoors, try combining 8 oz. of lavender-scented ivory dish soap with 1 oz. of an essential oil like Cinnamon, Citronella, Rose or Tea Tree oil. Add 5 tablespoons of this to a quart of water and apply it using a spray bottle. This isn't a solution for long-term control but it will help temporarily. You can also spray this on garbage containers outdoors.

If ants are after your fruit trees, try placing duct tape (sticky-side out) around the trunk to keep them from climbing up the trunk.

By Ellen Brown

More Answers:

Dealing With Ant Hills

Several years ago, we had the same problem. I tried pouring bleach, ammonia, hot water, etc. Finally, I poured full strength white vinegar on the ant hills. They are gone ever since I did that. (02/01/2006)

By Frances

Dealing With Ant Hills

Boiling vinegar immediately poured on the ant hill is supose to work. If you have delicate plants near try boiling water instead of vinegar. (02/01/2006)

By lindaljh1

Dealing With Ant Hills

Take used coffee grounds and put in and around ant hills. (02/01/2006)

By Trish

Dealing With Ant Hills

We use plain boiling water. It may kill a small circle of grass, but not a lot and it comes back well. The dead ants will be right there to see immediately and NO residue left to harm pets, kiddos, or the environment. (02/01/2006)

By aardvark

Dealing With Ant Hills

I have tried the used coffee grounds on the ant hill and it did work... but it took awhile! I work in a bank and we saved the grounds from all the coffee we made here. Every few days, I would put the grounds on the ant hill. One day I notice that the little ants were using my used ground to build their hill even higher! I kept doing it and even bought a pound of cheap coffee for $1.29 and made a loose paste out of it and put it all on the hill. Eventually after a 3-4 months, the ants and the hill were gone. In fact the hill collapsed and now I have a dent in my yard where the ant hill was!
Good Luck! (02/02/2006)

By Sandy from the Iron Range,MN

Dealing With Ant Hills

I know this sounds stupid, and I don't know if it's harmful to pets or not though it probably is but, thinking it was my fire ant powder, I poured bath cleaner powder on an ant hill in my yard and that worked really well. (02/06/2006)

By Jeggie

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April 23, 20080 found this helpful

I have a couple of ant hills in my backyard and I was wondering if anyone had a natural way to get rid of them?

Thanks for your help,
Jenn from Canada


Dealing With Ant Hills

Sprikle liberal amounts of cinnamon. (06/12/2007)


Dealing With Ant Hills

If you can find grits (made in the south from corn), sprinkle them on the hill and the workers will take it to the queen. They then will expand in the ant and kill them. (06/12/2007)

By Pat437

Dealing With Ant Hills

Use boiling water the first thing in the morning before they are out. Pour 1 gallon on each hill. (06/14/2007)

By Darrel McCain

Dealing With Ant Hills

Apparently, aspartame (NutraSweet) is toxic to ants. Sprinkle around the ant hills. (06/15/2007)

By Catherine B

Dealing With Ant Hills

I have heard of two ways to deal with ant hills:

1- put a scoop of each ant hill on the other, my mom says they will fight each other to the end

2- some folks put corn meal- let the ants eat a bit of it then water, it will swell and they perish (06/15/2007)

By Dena

Dealing With Ant Hills

Boric acid. Might not sound too "friendly," but remember it is still used (diluted) as an eye wash, and is not toxic to humans or other animals unless ingested in very large amounts. Sprinkle a very little on the anthills and they will disappear. If ants are coming in the house, dust a little (with a small paintbrush) around the door and window openings. Works every time! Boric acid is available at drug stores and at farm supply stores. (06/27/2007)

By wizolwitch

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