Printing on Contact Paper


Can contact paper with backing still attached be run through an ordinary ink jet printer?

Mary from Mancos, CO



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By Peechee 1 2 02/05/2009

You can run it through but it won't dry. It will smear to the touch.

If you are looking to make your own decals, they have special decal paper (I think by Avery) that you can print on and cut out. Very similar to contact paper.

You could try and do your own too by using transparancy sheets. Print what you want on the shiny side of the sheet but print it backwards (mirror image). Be careful as it will be wet. Carefully place the printed side on whatever you are looking to have the print on and once applied (don't move it), rub the letters. The ink will transfer.

Another option, if it's small decal is using clear strapping tape. Print your design or saying on normal paper but set it to be on really dark ink (or really saturated). The more ink the better. Then stick the clear strapping tape on top. Be careful not to get any wrinkles. You want it as flat as possible. Then rub the image hard with a credit card or popsicle stick (anything to really transfer the image onto the tape). Once you've rubbed the whole image, put it in water for a couple of minutes to soak the paper. If the paper is soaked enough, you can then rub the paper off of the tape and what will be left is your image on the tape. Amazingly, the tape will still have adhesive capabilities. Just make sure you rub all the paper off. Takes a bit of rubbing to get it done but well worth it.

Hope that helps.


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By Beth 25 1,120 02/05/2009

I don't think ink jet printer ink will "stick" to the contact paper. I think it will wipe off or smear off.

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