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Keeping Cats From Eating Houseplants


I love plants, yet have only one in my home and it is hanging. Any other plant that I keep on the counter or coffee table is always eaten by my cat. Is there something I can do to get my cat to stop eating my plants.
I have just planted my seeds indoors for my garden. I need to find a way to get the cat away from my counter tops before the seeds start to grow. Please help.

By Karyn from Ottawa, Canada


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By Shelby24019 1 15 05/01/2010 Flag

Your cat is eating the plant because it's diet is lacking in something. You can buy a starter kit to grow grass for cats to eat. Your cat is apparently a strickly inside cat. Cats that have the pleasure of going out side will satisfiy this need by eating grass. Catnip growing in a pot will also give them something to eat. As long as this need is not met they will continue to eat inside plants.

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