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Cleaning Cigarette Smoke Stains in the Kitchen

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How do you clean cigarette staining off kitchen worktops and cupboards?

By Deborah from Northern Ireland


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Distilled vinegar works like a charm (I would use it straight to remove nicotine) and the advantage of using it is that it is not harmful to your lungs or other organs and the odor goes away in a just a few minutes. Also, it is environmentally friendly and super inexpensive (a half gallon - 1.9 liters only costs about $2.00 USD - 1.49399 EUR) and you can use it to clean and sanitize everthing from windows and floors to sinks and toilets and in the rinse cycle of your washing machine as a fabric softener.

By Lanny01/14/2011

Ammonia diluted with water works the best. Make sure the room is well ventilated and change the water/ammonia solution frequently. It is also great for cleaning any food grease.

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