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Cats Knocking Down Knick Knacks


I have recently gotten 2 kittens - both are about 7 months old. We have a ledge with knickknacks on it they can jump up to and they keep knocking things off. We have tried putting tacky stuff on the bottom of the items to keep them secure, also have tried green apple spray. Any suggestions?

April from Bismarck, ND



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By Linda Funk 7 03/06/2007 Flag

Everytime you see them jump up there try shooting them with a water gun. You may have to wipe the little bit of water up, but it will work. Good luck. :)

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By Joan 1 16 03/08/2007 Flag

I had the same problem with my cats jumping on the counters. Spraying water wouldn't have helped me because they only did it at night. What finally broke them of their habit was taking masking tape and laying it sticky side up on the counters at night. I used plenty, criss-crossing it so no matter where they tried to put their feet, it would not be easy to avoid the tape. It took a couple of weeks, but I haven't had a problem with them up there since.

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By Carrie 2 351 03/08/2007 Flag

Cats hate to be embarrassed. Another approach is to put something there that makes a lot of noise, like marbles. Marbles in a shallow container, so they roll away if it is tipped. A large baking pan with a very shallow lip containing marbles. Hard to escape. A light sensor that turns on with motion. A door bell that rings with motion in its path. A string across the path they jump will break the jump.

How embarrassing!


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By Lily 11 141 03/08/2007 Flag

if you pull stuff towards the edge so they can see they have no where to land, they wont jump up there at all. or place stuff there when youre not around.

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By Michawn 18 487 03/08/2007 Flag

Cats love to be up high, where they can survey the plains, so to speak. So really your knick knacks are in THEIR way. So why not getting them (or making one) a kitty tower, sprinkle it with cat nip and treats, making it fun and inviting to be on. We have a NO NO kitty can (sort of like the marble idea) that we shake (a few coins taped up in a chow mein noodle can with a metal bottom) when they get into something they aren't supposed to, BUT it makes them scatter so you'd want to be careful about that. You have to realize that they are only doing what is natural, so giving them an alternative is a good idea.

Good luck!

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By Graycrab (Guest Post) 03/08/2007 Flag

You can buy clear two faced tape strips at most any pet store. It is called Sticky Paws. I originally got it to stop the clawing at furniture. Nearly invisible and really worked.

One of my cats could not be discouraged from one shelf she was not to go on so I put some pieces on the edge and it stopped her. When it wasn't needed any longer I pulled it off and cleaned the little sticky residue with WD 40.

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 03/09/2007 Flag

I've heard that if you put double-back tape where you don't want cats to go, this will stop them because they hate the way the tape feels when it sticks to their feet.

This will train them, then eventually, you can remove the tape with goo-gone or Vaseline, or better yet, why not stick the tape to a piece of cardstock & lay this in areas you'd like to keep the cats away from.

Maybe you could just use upside down contact paper instead!

Also, remember cats hate the smell of perfume & citrus... so dab some perfume or citrus room spray on a cotton ball & place the wet cotton ball on a small lid to prevent making a mess. This might work, as the cotton ball with perfume idea worked last Christmas to keep kittens away from Christmas trees! Nearly everyone who tried it, said it worked!

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By Debbie Dzurilla 28 1,124 03/09/2007 Flag

I would just remove the knick knacks so they don't get broken. I know it doesn't teach them not to bother them but at least you won't have to keep after them or worry about your do-dads getting destroyed. Enjoy them while their are kittens cuz it doesn't last long! It's kind of like with little kids, we put up most of the brick-a-brack and didn't miss it, too much clutter anyway. If you provide some other place for them to jump to then perhaps they will leave the ledge alone but they like it and the do-dads are definitely in their way.

Your kitties must be very cute. I remember years ago when we had a pr of kittens, they can get into such mischief and be so darling at the same time!

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By April Johnson 1 7 03/14/2007 Flag

I used the Sticky Paws tape and it works. Thanks!!

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By Cathy (Guest Post) 03/22/2007 Flag

Remove the ornaments and lay the shelves with aluminium foil. Cats don't like this feeling under their paws. When they have learned not to jump up there any more, replace the ornaments. Good luck!

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By Doejo 1 4 07/10/2010 Flag

Umm, I'm sorry but aluminum foil is kind of tacky. Green apple spray, cat eats apple treats. What you need is Orange spray.

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