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Use Flour To Keep Pests Off Roses

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Don't like all those chemical dusting to put on flowers to keep the bugs away? Use plain flour instead. Just dust it on roses and etc., and it works well to rid plants of bugs. Flour makes it almost impossible for the insects to breath. Happy Gardening!



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By RM Fisher, NY (Guest Post)05/03/2008

Nasturtium planted a few feet away from tomatoes or other plants will "attract" the aphids away from them. Another "old farmer" trick to attact bees for pollination is to plant marigolds here and there.

By Kim [67]04/24/2008

Same question--would a fine dusting of flour help ANY flowering plant? Or vegetables?

By susan [5]04/23/2008

Every year I have a major problem with aphids on my tomatoes. Do you think this would work for them?

By Pat Giles04/23/2008

Thanks a bunch for that tip! I sent it on to all of my friends and relatives. Thanks for sharing and God bless you.

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