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Storing Leftover Nacho Cheese

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Is there a way to "can" nacho cheese? I bought a gallon can of it and we can't eat it all at one time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Francene from Bremerton, WA



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By Holly [349]05/08/2008

Pour it over cooked vegetables. Like broccoli.
We haven't had the storage problem here - it goes too fast.

By Sherry [36]05/06/2008

If you have a Vacuum Sealer Machine you could use that to freeze it up in bags. It seals it airtight and lasts for a long time. We have had ours for a couple years and use it for everything. Good luck to you.

By Mythi (Guest Post)05/06/2008

If you have a Vacuum Sealer Machine, you could freeze it up in bags and then seeal with the machine. It keeps the air out and lasts for a long time. We use ours for many things.

By Coreen Hart [73]05/05/2008

Maybe it depends on the brand. We freeze it all the time. We buy Ortega at Costco and we sell it out of a food concession and it's always smooth as can be.

By Francene [1]05/03/2008

I tried that but it was gritty when thawed. That's why I was wondering if it could be heated then put in jars and sealed as if canning soups, sauces, etc?
Thanks for your help

By Cassie [6]05/02/2008

You could freeze it.

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