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I wanted to ask if anyone remember the company called fununlimited? December 2006 I ordered my son's Christmas toys from that company but now when I type in, I get another site about ATVs. Did the other fununlimited go out of business? I wanted to order Shocking Liar, it's a lie detector toy that shocks you. I miss that company fununlimited because it was buy now pay later where you get your bill with your shipment.




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By KL 3 554 07/29/2008 Flag

I looked them up on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:*/

The last scan was on March 23, 2007 and it said:

Due to a major supplier disruption, Fun Unlimited is unable to accept new orders at this time. For information about an existing order, return, credit, or backorder, please call 1-800-693-0812. We apologize for any inconvenience or delays this may have caused.

It didnt say that on the scan the week before that so that must have been around the time they went down. I checked their previous phone and street address and it appears they are no longer there either.

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By Brandie 1 10/21/2008 Flag

I ordered items from them as well about 2 years ago. I loved it! They had great stuff and a huge selection. Last year when I tried to find them online, I came up with nothing as well. I found an old invoice and called them. They said pretty much the same thing, that they were having some problems with suppliers and they could not say if the site would ever be back up :( Does anyone know of another buy now pay later site?

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