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Making Baby Wipes Wet Again

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What liquid should I add to a dried out baby wipes container?

Roz from Victoria, BC



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By Sharyl [12]01/27/2009

This is great - I have had occasion to throw out baby wipes because I wasn't sure about re-hydrating them. We don't have a baby or young children but I use them all the time for cleaning my hands etc. the ones in the car were especially vulnerable to drying out.

By Kim Churchman [3]01/26/2009

Dried wipes have dried ingredients on them that come back to life with mere water, good as new. I wouldn't throw them away, maybe use for household cleanup if you don't want them on baby.

By Lori Cobb [4]01/26/2009

Yes, just use water. I have always done that for dry wipes. It is so easy to have them dry by accidentally not closing tight. Good old fashioned water !
Have a great week.

By sarg_ben (Guest Post)01/26/2009

Perfectly safe to even after fifteen years if no bugs right?! Sure!
Mix some aloe that has been sodium treated with some distilled water equal parts. However many tbsp. seem nec. say 2 tbsp. for a tissue box size box full. Then pour over the wipes and seal up leave at room temperature place while doing so no freezes.

By Heather [25]01/23/2009

Just add water. I have done this many times. Works great!

By RD (Guest Post)01/23/2009

You can add water. Water is the main ingredient and serves as a carrier and diluent for the other ingredients. Baby wipes also contain mild detergents mixed with moisturizing agents, fragrance, and preservatives.

Personally, I would throw out old baby wipes rather than using them on my baby.

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