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Uses for Baby Wipes

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Baby wipes aren't just for cleaning a baby's bottom. There are numerous alternative uses for these handy wipes. This is a guide about uses for baby wipes.


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July 6, 2010

It never fails that just when you think the house is clean you find another spot you've missed. This morning I reached for toilet tissue and noticed the holder looked a little dull. Like a lot of people, I keep baby wipes on the back of the toilet. Well, I pulled one out and wiped off the holder and what a beautiful shine I got. Looking in the mirror I noticed a few toothpaste stains, so I proceed to wipe it away with another baby wipe. I couldn't believe all the pretty lint free shiny areas I cleaned in a matter of seconds with a single baby wipe.

By gem from Gordonsville, VA

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August 24, 2009

I liked the convenience of "Feminine" wipes, but even though I was getting my packets from the dollar store, they were still sort of pricey. When the dollar store supply ran out, I thought I would try baby wipes in a pinch - and they were better and less expensive, because they come in greater quantity for the same money. Now I buy baby wipe refillsand put them in the leftover wipe containers - and stock up on them at the dollar store so I don't run out. Good for all sorts of bodily spot cleaning.


By pam munro from L.A., CA

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February 22, 2006

I have seen couple of great ideas for using baby wipes and I have a couple of my own I would like to share. I keep a pack of store brand ones in my car for quick cleanup of sticky hands, face, etc. I also take along a pack or tub of them when we go to the river in summer for get togethers (my family has a lot of those), I have even used them to wipe down the inside of my car, makes it smell real nice.

By jmz2005 from IL

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February 14, 20060 found this helpful

Baby wipes, i.e. Pampers, huggies, etc. Make great makeup removers, carpet cleaners and work to take off many type of stains, at about half the cost of other cleansers and cleaners


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July 18, 2008

Use baby wipes to get crayon off of walls, and scuff marks off of floors. I discovered this when I was at my wits end, and found that it works incredibly well on tons of stains and such.


It even helps to keep grass stains from setting if you get to them early.

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November 15, 20040 found this helpful

Useful ways to use baby wipes, other than their intended purpose. Post your ideas.


November 15, 20040 found this helpful

Sudden stain on your carpet? Keep baby wipes handy, they are great in a pinch and it doesn't set stains. Blot the stain, do not rub so as not to distort the carpet fibers. If needed use a few and step on them to help absorb stain. Great in a pinch until you can get the professionals in.

By Suezeecue

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November 15, 20040 found this helpful

Even now that my children are 10 and 7. I still find myself buying baby wipes.


I keep them under my seat in my car for when we have fast food. They work so much better than the napkins the restaurants give you.

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November 15, 20040 found this helpful

I, too, keep baby wipes in the car. They work well for a quick cleaning of the dashboard or center console.I actually prefer them to the Armor All wipes as the baby wipes don't leave behind an oily residue which attracts dust and dirt.

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By Linne Dodds (Guest Post)
November 19, 20040 found this helpful

We keep them in the car too. Not just for cleanups. They are very useful if somebody gets hurt.
Mom got a bee sting once while on a road trip. I wiped it gently with a wipe & put ice on it from the soda I was drinking, a cold bottle or can would work just as well. The pain went away immediately,all she had was a Pimple for a couple of days.


& we always have them in the house. We have power outtages & of course with the recent hurricanes the wipes were heaven sent ,just as they are when someone is ill .
I just recently gave Mom one of the old plastic boxes from them for quilting supplies,she loves it.
On a related note,we also always keep Shop Towels[Heavy Blue Paper towels] they are very gentle & make great Ice holders for injuries among their many other uses. These are also good for wiping wounds . Just wet & wipe .

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By Sheila (Guest Post)
December 10, 20040 found this helpful

I attach baby wipes to my swiffer broom and let the kids go no time my floors are clean and it is a safe alternative for the kids. Also works well on walls and hard to reach areas! I also use wipes for dusting my furniture and shining my faucets.

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February 26, 20050 found this helpful

Baby wipes are great for getting out stuff you spill on yourself so stains don't set. Last night I got some chocolate splatters on my wool sweater that I had just washed.


A baby wipe blotted on the chocolate saved me from washing the sweater over again. They work great!

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February 26, 20050 found this helpful

Ok - kind of personal but I keep baby wipes under the sink in the bathroom for everyone to use if they need to get extra clean.

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March 21, 20050 found this helpful

i use them on antique coffee table doesnt dry out wood or leave steaks

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By Seaport (Guest Post)
March 22, 20050 found this helpful

Although our oldest child is 12, we still keep baby wipes in the car. If you have to change a tire or mess with the car, the baby wipes take care of your oily, greasy hands in a jiffy!

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February 9, 20060 found this helpful

We have baby wipes in several spots in the house. They are very handy.....also this might be getting a bit personal as well....but if you don't have time for a shower and need to clean up in a hurry, wiping off with a baby wipe or two will do the trick! I've used on my kids as well as myself. They are also nice to use on a hot day to freshen up. I love the idea of using on the swiffer. I never thought of that or heard of it before! Now I must try! I can put my daughter to work as she loves to help Mommy! Those must be safer than the wet Swiffer wipes you buy because they have big warnings on the label about using around children & pets :-(

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By Ru (Guest Post)
May 22, 20060 found this helpful

I'm a big fan of baby wipes (and blue shop towels) for clean up. Dusting, wood, window sill yuckies, those unsightly dustbunnies along walls & in corners, and well... babies. Excellent for unmussing babyhair.

*Both saved the day this week after I smashed a bottle on the kitchen floor & needed to get up very fine shards of glass.

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By perikeet (Guest Post)
March 28, 20070 found this helpful

I used one the other day to shine my black shoes and my mom couldn't tell the difference!

Also great for nipping stains in the bud - I got some paint on a brand new shirt and pants and 5 minutes later you couldn't tell anything had even happened.


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June 16, 20070 found this helpful

Baby wipes are great for taking off make-up. They clean really well, and don't dry out your skin. I also like to use them to freshen up on a hot day.

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June 19, 20080 found this helpful

When I spill on my clothing i often use babywipes to clean it off

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By Angie (Guest Post)
February 10, 20090 found this helpful

I use wet wipes when I paint. Keep a package handy and if you get a spot on the carpet, ceiling, or baseboards, it's very quick and easy. They are great for wiping up your hands while you work. Now I don't paint a room without a package on hand!

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August 30, 2011

What is the best brand of baby wipes to buy for cleaning your face? I am currently using the Pampers unscented baby wipes, but they seem to be kind of dry. I always have to add water and soap to the wipe. I really like the Neutrogena facial wet wipes but they are not in my budget. Can you recommend a brand for cleaning makeup off your face?

By Onesummer


September 1, 20110 found this helpful

I know you asked about facial wipes but why not just use a facial wash with a washcloth and warm water. Works for me! I like the St Ives apricot face wash or Wal-Mart makes one that's the same, in the Equate brand. A fairly large tube of it for between 3 and 4 dollars lasts quite a while. You could use it with a washcloth or one of those net puff things.

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September 1, 20110 found this helpful

I agree with simply using a washcloth with facial wash on a daily basis and since they are reuseable that will save money and the environment. If you want a softer cloth than a terry type cloth then use a microfiber or chamois type cloth.

I do use baby wipes now and then for a quick refreshing (facial or otherwise - LOL) and use Huggies sensitive. I don't throw away the original large heavy plastic dispenser and purchase their refills instead to save money and to not be adding extra plastic to the landfills. As long as you make sure the lid and pop-up lid of the container is kept closed they do not dry out. Well, unless they are kept in the direct sun or in a hot car ;-)

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September 2, 20110 found this helpful

I just use a wash cloth, water and a bar of (Dial) soap. Why spend money on that other stuff when you already have these items?

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November 27, 20171 found this helpful

Baby wipes are an easy and convenient way to clean surfaces are the house. Using baby wipes for cleaning a good way to clean small areas that just need quick wipe down.

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February 13, 20180 found this helpful

Baby wipes make for a quick clean up for bird owners who allow their birds to leave their cage. This is a guide about using baby wipes for cleaning up after pet birds.

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February 6, 20180 found this helpful

This is a guide about turning baby wipes into sanitizing wipes. Normal baby wipes do not have sanitizing ingredients. Adding alcohol to your container of baby wipes, turns them into sanitizing wipes.

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July 6, 20100 found this helpful

I keep a box of inexpensive baby wipes (odor free) in my bathroom. I not only use them for quick cleaning of my face or hands, but I use them often to quickly wipe up a dirty sink or bathtub, around my toilet, on the lid or toilet seat and even use them to wipe up chrome faucets. If I use one on the bathroom sink I use it on the chrome too and if it isn't 'used-up' yet I will keep it handy throughout the day to use again for quick wipe-ups. I find they are good throughout the house to wipe around windows, use on window blinds, etc. The uses are endless. The only problem I have is if they are used on a mirror they might leave streaks. If reused they will last forever and their strength is sufficient for most quick cleaning jobs. If they dry out throughout the day just rinse them under warm water.

By Karen from Davis, CA


Baby Wipes For Quick Bathroom Cleanup

I found this out by accident one day when the vanity top needed cleaning. Instead of running to the laundry room to retrieve a rag and spray cleaner, I saw the box of wipes and decided to try using one. It worked like a charm. I like your idea of buying a very inexpensive container of them just for this purpose....of course, they can still be used for their intended purpose too. I have found too that if they dry out, just put under running water and they are good to go again. The Clorox and Lysol cleaning wipes are good too; however more expensive. For doing a quick in between clean up the baby wipes are perfectly fine. I've also cleaned off the vanity with just wet kleenex in a pinch! (06/04/2008)

By Debbie Dzurilla

Baby Wipes For Quick Bathroom Cleanup

I make my own wipes for bathroom and kitchen and reuse the container. Cut paper towels 2 times and you have enough for 3 containers.. For the liquid use the recipes found here on thrifty and they are even cheaper than the cheap baby wipes and last a lot longer.(06/05/2008)

By Kathleen

Baby Wipes For Quick Bathroom Cleanup

They are also good quick spot remover for clothing! Works great!

By Karen Lawson

Baby Wipes For Quick Bathroom Cleanup

I just found out yesterday, from my sister, that they also take permanent marker off skin. My 2 year old great nephew got hold of a maker and my niece was wiping him off with a baby wipe and found out it took off permanent marker also. Great tip for me, cause my 7yr old DD gets it on her hands a lot. (06/07/2008)

By janice

Baby Wipes for Quick Bathroom Cleanup

I love Viva paper towels so much that I keep a roll in a paper towel holder in my bathroom. They're just as soft as any washcloths. I use them to wash my face in the morning then I use the same towel to wipe down the sink after brushing my teeth. If I don't buy the select-a-size version, I'll use just a half a sheet when I tear it along the perforations. (06/11/2008)

By Pearl

Baby Wipes for Quick Bathroom Cleanup

I will be trying this and once the box is empty making my own version with some inexpensive dollar store cleanser and paper towels. (06/22/2008)


Baby Wipes for Quick Bathroom Cleanup

All the suggestions are great uses for baby wipes I believe a couple of years ago it was Ophrah who got excited when finding out the wipes took a stain off a good blouse she had on. Just one thing anyone who lives in the country and is on a septic system for their sewage. We were in our house less than a year when the septic system started to cause problems. We purchased the house when it was only one year one with the former owners having a baby. The gentleman who came to pump the system told us the wipes stay at the top of the entrance of the tank which resulted in an almost complete blockage the one year the couple flushed the wipes into the septic tank. (03/23/2009)

By Darlene Johnson

Baby Wipes for Quick Bathroom Cleanup

Why not use real bathroom, kitchen or glass wipes? Many contain antiseptics to kill germs, which is great in the bathroom and kitchen sink, especially if you cut poultry. Some also have perfume if you want to freshen your bathroom. And glass wipes are pretty mild and leave no streaks or residues. The best thing is that I get No-Name brands of these wipes at my local 99 Cents store. I get approximately 20-40 sheets for a buck here in NYC.

Baby wipes are not a great idea for several reasons.

1) The thing that makes it a baby wipe is the inclusion of lotion, i.e. moisturizers. That leaves a residue like soap scum. Since the moisturizers are either made from lanolin (wax) or mineral oil, surfaces become slippery and and sticky, which attracts dust. Oil is also bad for some plastics and rubbers (that's why water-based lubricants are used for latex condoms).

2) Since it may contain oil, it's obviously ineffective for cleaning greasy surfaces.

3) The fact that it's made for a baby's skin also means that it's extremely weak as a cleanser. It's unlikely to be any more effective than water on dirt that you wouldn't encounter on a baby's skin.

4) The texture is made extremely soft and smooth for a baby's skin. A rougher texture is better for cleaning.

5) Baby wipes are relatively expensive because of the ingredients and soft, thick material.

By bryguy

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