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This page contains advice on cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and cars, as well as, cleaning recipes for stain removal, dishes, laundry, and more.

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Pressure washing concrete pavers.

Getting Rid of Moss and Algae on ConcreteMoss growth can be a problem in shady areas. This page is about getting rid of moss and algae on concrete.


A yellow lab laying on a cement floor.

Cleaning Dog Pee Off a Cement FloorCleaning the stains and odor of pet urine off of concrete requires the right product and often some serious scrubbing. This is a page about cleaning dog pee off a cement floor.


Drop of tree sap on bark

Removing Tree SapTree sap can get on anything from clothing to your car. This is a page about removing tree sap.


A textured popcorn ceiling

Cleaning a Textured (Popcorn) CeilingWhen cleaning a popcorn ceiling, it is important to determine what the texture is composed of. This page is about cleaning a textured (popcorn) ceiling.


Pair of dentures in a glass of clear liquid

Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Cleaning Dentures?This is a page about using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning dentures. Hydrogen peroxide is a good cleaner for dentures, and a product many of us already have in the medicine cabinet.


pressure washing concrete

Removing Sap from ConcreteTrees overhanging your driveway, sidewalk, or patio can drip sap on to the concrete surface leaving you with a sticky mess to clean up. This is a page about removing sap from concrete.



Cleaning Toilet With Ammonia

Cleaning With AmmoniaAmmonia is a common cleaning agent found in many cleaners you buy at the store. It can also be purchased as a stand-alone cleaner. Caution should be used when mixing ammonia with other chemicals as dangerous fumes can be created. This page talks about the benefits and dangers of cleaning with ammonia.


Removing a bandaid and leaving behind some adhesive residue.

Removing Adhesive Residue on SkinThis is a page about removing adhesive residue on skin. Medicated patches, adhesive tape, etc. can leave sticky, hard to remove, residue on your skin.


An illustration of cleaners at a store.

Uses for Awesome Cleaner from Dollar GeneralAwesome cleaner is a good inexpensive multipurpose cleaner that you can get at most dollar stores. This is a page about uses for Awesome cleaner from Dollar General.


Cleaning a Coach Purse

Cleaning a Coach PurseYou spent a lot of money on your purse and want to keep it looking good. This is a page about cleaning a Coach purse.


Old wooden ladder leaning against a concrete wall with painted designs.

Removing Paint from ConcreteRemoving paint from concrete can be difficult. Whether you are removing old paint on a concrete porch and stairs or graffiti on a wall, there are several methods you can try. This is a page about removing paint from concrete.


Memory Foam Mattress

Cleaning Urine Off a Memory Foam MattressThis is a page about cleaning urine off a memory foam mattress. Children, pets, and others occasionally have an accident resulting in urine getting on a mattress.


Artificial Flowers

Cleaning Artificial PlantsThey may not need light and water, but artificial plants do require regular cleaning to look their best. This is a page about cleaning artificial plants.


Puppy Running in Yard

Getting Rid of Parvo Virus in the Yard and HomeWhen this virus has been present in your home and yard, you want to make sure it is completely eliminated so it does infect other dogs. This is a page about getting rid of parvo virus in the yard and home.


sink drain

Cleaning Smelly DrainsThis is a page about cleaning smelly drains. Bacteria growing in your drain can produce odors that waft throughout the house.


spilled ink on document

Removing Ink From PaperThis is a page about removing ink from paper. Once ink has been applied to paper, it can be a challenge to remove with no trace or without damaging the paper.


Beautiful Cedar Deck

Removing Sap from a Deck?This is a page about removing sap from a deck. Trees overhanging your deck can drip sap onto the boards. Depending on the composition of the deck there are different ways to remove sap from a deck.


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Removing Sharpie Marker from Cement?Okay, this may sound lame but does anybody know how to get sharpie off cement? We had a few vandilizers and need help!


Clumped Detergent

Softening Clumped Dishwasher Detergent?This is a page about softening clumped dishwasher detergent. Sometimes powdered detergent can get clumpy in the box, making it difficult to measure. This is a page about softening clumped dishwasher detergent.


yellowed keyboard

Making Yellowed Plastic White Again?Plastics can yellow over time and exposure to light. You may be able to whiten or paint it to restore a pleasing look. This is a page about making yellowed plastic white again.


Shiny Pink Fabric

Making Fabric Less Shiny?This is a page about making fabric less shiny. Fabric can be shiny as a result of wear or because of its fiber content. Trying to reduce the shine may be possible.



A white powder on a spoon, either baking soda or baking powder.

Can I Use Baking Powder Instead of Baking Soda for Cleaning?Since baking powder contains baking soda, it could be substituted when cleaning. It is however more expensive, so not a good regular alternative. This is a page about, "Can I use baking powder instead of baking soda for cleaning?".


Removing Sharpie from Skin, Closeup of Sharpie Pen

Removing Sharpie from SkinSharpies are great to have around for many reasons but it can be easy to get on yourself. Whether it was from a broken pen or a child got a hold of your Sharpie, it can tough to get Sharpie ink off of skin. This is a page about removing Sharpie from skin.


man servicing a semi truck

Cleaning Diesel Fuel on Concrete?This is a page about cleaning diesel fuel on concrete. Diesel fuel spills on concrete are common in garages, workshops, and driveways.


Staircase with wooden banister

Cleaning a Wood Banister?Banisters can get quite dirty and sticky from general usage. This is a page about cleaning a wood banister.


Old Steamer Trunk

Cleaning and Restoring an Old TrunkThis is a page about cleaning and restoring an old trunk. Whether it's an heirloom or an antique store find, an old trunk can be a wonder addition to your home for both storage and decoration.


Permanent Marker

Removing Permanent Marker From VinylThis is a page about removing permanent marker from vinyl. Permanent marker can be difficult, but not impossible to remove from many surfaces.


Porcelain Figurine

Cleaning Smoke Residue From Ceramic and...This is a page about cleaning smoke residue from ceramic and porcelain figurines. A house fire or smokey fireplace can wreak havoc on your treasured figurines.


man applying tar

Removing Tar from SkinThis is a page about removing tar from skin. Tar can be a difficult thing to remove if it accidentally gets on your skin.


Cream colored roller blinds.

Removing Dried Paint from Roller Blinds?If your blinds are left in place when painting it is possible to accidentally drip paint on them. This is a page about removing dried paint from roller blinds.


Old Doll

Cleaning an Old DollBefore you try to clean your old doll you will want to first determine the doll's composition. That information will help determine the best cleaners to use to prevent damage. This is a page about cleaning an old doll.


cleaning silicone spray from tiles

Removing Silicone Spray?This is a page about removing silicone spray. Removing silicone spray from surfaces is easy enough if you use the right products.


woman cleaning

Removing Glue Residue Left By Contact Paper?This is a page about removing glue residue left by contact paper. If you have ever removed contact paper, there is sometimes a sticky residue remaining.


Cleaning Boat Seats

Cleaning Boat SeatsThis is a page about cleaning boat seats. Get your boat seats clean and ready to use for yourself and guests on your boat.


Cleaning With Hydrogen Peroxide

Cleaning With Hydrogen PeroxideThis is a page about cleaning with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a less noxious alternative to bleach for many of your cleaning jobs.


Stainless Steel Thermos against white background

Cleaning a Stainless Steel ThermosThis is a page about cleaning a stainless steel thermos. Tea and coffee are common beverages kept in a thermos. Both can leave stains inside.



picture of a dusty lampshade

Cleaning a LampshadeThis is a page about cleaning lampshades. Lampshades are often overlooked when doing routine cleaning which can cause them to look drab and dirty.


A house on fire.

Cleaning Collectibles Damaged in a House Fire?Water and smoke damage can lessen the value of collectibles. This is a page features advice about cleaning collectibles damaged in a house fire.


Ashtray full of cigarette butts on a painted red wooden table.

Cleaning Nicotine from Painted Wood?This is a page about cleaning nicotine from painted wood. Cigarette smoke, which contains nicotine and tar, and leave yellow stains on your painted wood trim or furniture.


Window Screen

Removing Paint From a Door or Window Screen?This is a page about removing paint from a window screen. Drips and overspray from painting can result in paint on the window screens.


Close up of a rack of vintage clothing

Removing Odors from Vintage Clothing?This is a page about removing odors from vintage clothing. Clothes that have been stored for years can have a variety of odd smells.


Bleaching Colored Clothing

Bleaching Colored ClothingThis is a page about bleaching colored clothing. Trying to bleach the color out of clothing can have mixed results.


Removing Super Glue from Hair

Removing Super Glue from HairThis is a page about removing super glue from hair. Before you get out the scissors, there are some ways you can try to remove Super Glue from hair.


A humidifier blowing steam.

Adding Vinegar to Your HumidifierAdding a bit of vinegar to your home humidifier can help freshen the air. This is a page about adding vinegar to your humidifier.


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Cleaning Plastic Bead Curtain?I have the colored plastic beads hanging in a doorway between the kitchen and living room. I am looking for a way to clean them while hanging as they are very old. I used to take them down and put in the bathtub, but they and I both are too old for that now. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have already tried spraying them with vinegar with newspapers underneath to catch drips to no avail.



Cleaning FormicaThis is a page about cleaning Formica. Whether you are cleaning up a vintage table or your kitchen counters, you may be looking for tips on cleaning Formica.


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Cleaning a Rice Filled Pillow?I have one of those pillows with rice in it that you can use for sore muscles, etc. I bought it second hand and it smells like cigarette smoke. I can't wash it because of the rice, and can't use Febreze or anything because it is heated in the microwave and I don't want skin rashes.


Crocheted Item

Cleaning Stains on Crocheted Items?This is a page about cleaning stains on crocheted items. Care needs to be taken when cleaning crochet items, especially the more delicate lace style ones.


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Refilling Scented Oil Warmers?We inherited several of the plug-in scented oil warmers (ours are Airwick) when we bought our house. I would like to use them, but the refills are so expensive and they only come in a few scents. Does anybody have any ideas on how to refill the little bottles, or even if you can? Camilla


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Removing Concrete Mix and Dust from Skin?How do I remove concrete from the skin?


Candlesticks with melting candles on them.

Cleaning Candle Wax from Candle SticksThis is a page about cleaning candle wax from candle sticks. Candles tend to drip and run down candle sticks as they burn. Removing this wax build up will keep your candle sticks looking nice.


A yellow and green kitchen sponge.

How to Keep a Kitchen Sponge from Getting StinkyAllowing your sponge to dry out between uses will help keep it from developing smells. This is a page about how to keep a kitchen sponge from getting stinky.


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White Purse Has Yellowed?I have a Dooney and Bourke bag with multicolored hearts all over it and it is made out of vinyl I think. It has turned a yellowish color since I got it a couple years ago. Does anyone have this problem and does anyone know how to clean it so it looks white again?


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Sweat Seems To Bleach Everything I Use?I googled sweat bleaching out clothing and got this site. I couldn't believe how many people have this problem. Mine only happens in the summer, the sheets only on my side, only the towels I use and only my clothes. If I sit on the carpet you can see bleach spots shaped like my hands. No acne meds. It has to be my sweat. I am a huge diet coke drinker, could it be caffeine effecting my PH levels?


Bleach Bottle

Cleaning Up Spilled Bleach?This is a page about cleaning up spilled bleach. How you clean up a bleach spill will depend in large part on where it was spilled.


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How Long Should Dishwashing Gloves Last?I use rubber household gloves when I wash dishes. How long should I wait before I buy a new pair? Any help would be appreciated.


Removing Roof Tar From Skin With Olive Oil

Removing Roof Tar from Skin with Olive OilHome repair roof repair jobs can leave you with the roof tar on your skin if you neglect to wear gloves. This is a page about removing roof tar from skin with olive oil.


Small night stand painted red

Cleaning Painted SurfacesThis is a page about cleaning painted surfaces. When cleaning painted surfaces you want to use products and methods that will not harm the finish.


Starched white doily against a wooden background

Removing Starch from Doilies?This is a page about removing starch from doilies. Doilies are sometimes starched prior to use for a more formal look. Later you may want to remove the starch.


Photo of 3 vintage porcelain dolls.

Cleaning Porcelain DollsThis is a page about cleaning porcelain dolls. Porcelain dolls need special care to keep them clean.


Microfiber Towels

Removing Lint From Microfiber Towels?This is a page about removing lint from microfiber towels. Microfiber excels as a cleaning cloth due to its ability to gather up lint and dirt. This same fabric design makes removing lint difficult.


bottles of cleaners

Warning About Mixing Vinegar and Bleach?Warning: Mixing vinegar and bleach creates chlorine gas. The two together make a stronger cleaning solution but can be very hazardous to your health. Don't mix vinegar and bleach.


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Removing Odor from a Coffee Pot?I have a Cuisinart coffee maker that I no longer use. I would like to use the thermal pot as it is still good for keeping soup hot etc., but I cannot get the coffee smell out of it. Does anyone have any ideas? I already tried CLR and soda and vinegar. All to no avail. All input appreciated.


Removing Sticker Residue

Removing Sticker ResidueIt is so frustrating trying to remove sticker residue from your purchases or elsewhere around your home. This is a page about removing sticker residue.


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Uses for Scrubbing BubblesThis is a page about uses for Scrubbing Bubbles. Many cleaning products can safely and easily be used for cleaning jobs other than those for which it is sold.


Photo of a ceiling fan.

Cleaning a Ceiling FanThis is a page about cleaning a ceiling fan. With ceiling fans being up high and out of reach, we tend to neglect cleaning them regularly. When we do finally get around to it, the layer of dust can be quite thick.


small boat on a lake with green algae on top and sides

Removing Algae from a Boat?This is a page about removing algae from a boat. Boats left in the water all season long can sprout a nice grown of algae.


Someone pouring laundry detergent into a plastic cap.

Keeping Your Laundry Detergent Caps CleanThis is a page about keeping your laundry detergent caps clean. Liquid detergent is notorious for leaving messy gooey drips on the outside of the bottle when poured.


A clothes iron taking wrinkles out of orange fabric.

Using an Iron for Cleaning Up Candle WaxThis is a page about using an iron for cleaning up candle wax. Your iron is the perfect tool to use to clean up candle wax drips and spills.


A bottle of white vinegar.

Cleaning Products You Already HaveThis is a page about cleaning products you already have. You probably already have many products in your home that are perfect for your cleaning jobs, without having to buy expensive commercial cleaners.


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Removing Goof Off Stains on Vinyl Windows?I used goof off on a vinyl window to remove paint which it did. I cannot get the stain goof off left on the vinyl windows. What do you suggest I use? Thanks for any help you can give


Suede Couch

Cleaning Cat Urine From Suede?This is a page about cleaning cat urine from suede. If your sweet little kitty has an accident on your suede shoes, clothing, or furniture it can be stressful determining how to clean it.


A man cleaning a driveway.

Removing Tree Sap from a Driveway?It can be difficult to remove sap from a driveway. Petroleum based cleaners can be very useful in removing the sap, especially if pressure washing has failed to remove it.


Laminated pieces of paper that need to have permanent marker removed from them.

Erasing Permanent Marker from Laminated PaperNail polish remover is what you need to remove permanent marker from your laminated projects. This is a page about erasing permanent marker from laminated paper.


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Cleaning Up Ant Poison?What is something good to clean a counter that has ant poison on it? I want to make sure the ant poison is gone and the counter is safe to use again.


transparent container of liquid laundry detergent

Other Uses for Laundry Detergent?This is a page about other uses for laundry detergent. Laundry detergent can be put to other uses around the house.


Removing Dry Erase Marker on Wood - A B C written on white background

Removing Dry Erase Marker on WoodIt is easy to accidentally get dry erase marker on a wood surface such as a table. Try one of the solutions found on this page about removing dry erase marker on wood.


Denture Tablet

Cleaning Uses for Denture TabletsThis is a page about cleaning uses for denture tablets. Denture cleaning tablets have many other cleaning uses.


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Is a Moldy Towel Safe to Use? I went to a summer camp in early August and when I was packing my stuff back up I put my cotton beach towel in a black bag and forgot about it until now (early november). I washed it and the smell is gone, but is it ok to use? Is there any fungus in it?


Stack of blue, yellow, and green sponges.

Cleaning Household SpongesThis is a page about cleaning household sponges. Sponges can develop mold and bacteria if not properly cleaned. Proper cleaning will allow your sponges to last longer and prevent contamination.


Plastic water jug.

Sterilizing Water Containers?This is a page about sterilizing water containers Now that you can refill the water containers for your home dispenser, you will want to sterilize them periodically.


A hand stained with red food coloring

Removing Food Coloring from Your HandsThis is a page about removing food coloring from your hands. If you use food coloring when cooking or for crafts you have probably gotten your hands stained.


White painted kitchen cabinets.

Cleaning Painted Cabinets?This is a page about cleaning painted cabinets. When cleaning painted cabinets it is important to use cleaners that won't harm the paint. As with many surfaces, painted cabinets will look nice longer if you periodically clean them.


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Fiberglass Tub Has Yellowed?How do you make a yellowed fiberglass shower look white again? Mine is 22 yrs. old. At one time I used Gel Gloss for boats. Nothing seems to work now.


Wood Deck

Removing Candle Wax from a Wood Deck?This is a page about removing candle wax from a wood deck. Outdoor candles can sometimes drip wax on your wood deck.


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Removing Algae from the Side of a House?I will be putting my home up for sale. There's an oak tree that has grown and doesn't let the light filter through on one corner of the house and there has become a green like as algae on the house. I need a thrifty hint on how to get rid of the algae-like stuff.


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Cleaning a Stainless Steel Fireplace Surround?Our fireplace has a stainless steel surround that has become discolored from the heat and there is also what I believe to be sap that dripped and burned around the bottom. Any ideas? I haven't tried anything except the regular stainless cleaner I use on my appliances.


Cotton linen cut pile rug

Caring for Rubber Backed Throw RugsAir drying throw rugs after laundering can help maintain the rubber backing. This is a page about caring for rubber backed throw rugs.


A illustrated bottle of super glue.

Removing Super GlueWhen crafting or repairing an item it is possible to accidentally get the glue on clothing, the work surface, and elsewhere. Depending on where the glue is there are a number of safe methods for trying to remove it. This is a page about removing super glue.


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Getting Rid Of Mold In Birdbath?I have an old stone birdbath that has mold on the inside. Any clues as to removing it? I don't want to replace it.


canvas covered album

Cleaning Varnished/Sealed...This is a page about cleaning varnished/sealed fabric. Fabric covered crafts or home decor items may have a varnished or sealed surface that can be difficult to clean.


A dry erase board and markers.

Cleaning a Dry Erase BoardThis is a page about cleaning a dry erase board. Cleaning a white board can be difficult, especially if the ink has been on it a long time. Properly cleaning the surface will keep your dry erase board looking new and easy to read.


Gorilla Glue

Removing Gorilla Glue from a CountertopThis is a page about removing Gorilla Glue from a countertop. It is easy to get glue on the countertop while working on a project or making a repair.


Cleaning Silestone (Quartz) Countertop

Cleaning Silestone (Quartz) Countertop?This is a page about cleaning Silestone (quartz) countertop. Silestone or quartz countertops are a popular option for the homeowner that wants to install stone counters. Using the proper cleaning method and products will keep your countertops looking new.


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Preventing Polo Shirt Collars from Creasing?This is continuing to drive me crazy. The collars on polo shirts crease or curl up, destroying the look of a shirt. I've tried 100% cotton, 70-30 cotton, poly etc.


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Life Without a Garbage Disposal?Life Without a Garbage Disposal. My new home does not have a garbage disposal in it. I thought all homes came with garbage disposals. I am used to putting everything down the garbage disposal. . .


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Using Ozium to Get Rid of Odors?Does anyone know how long the smell of Ozium will last? I bought a Coach purse on eBay that reeked of smoke and found on this site that Ozium works to take the smell out.


Super Glue

Removing Super Glue from SkinThis is a page about removing Super Glue from skin. Removing Super Glue from your skin without irritation can be done.


Old Typewriter

How to Clean an Old TypewriterWhether you are old school and still use a manual typewriter or are refurbishing one as a bit of decor, cleaning it is one of the necessary steps. This is a page about how to clean an old typewriter.


Paint on Hands

Removing Paint from HandsThis is a page about removing paint from hands. Home improvement and craft projects can leave you with paint stained hands.


Dishwasher Detergent

Other Uses for Dishwasher DetergentThis is a page about other uses for dishwasher detergent. Dishwasher powdered detergent can be helpful cleaning other things.


Tree sap running down the bark of a tree

Cleaning Tree Sap From HairThis is a page about cleaning tree sap from hair. Sticky tree sap seems like it might be impossible to clean out of your hair. It is in fact easy if you use the right products.


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Cleaning Water From Marble

How to Clean Water Spots on MarbleMarble polish is one possible solution for removing water spots on a marble surface. This is a page about how to clean water spots on marble.


Ceiling fan on a white background.

Dusting Ceiling FansThe blades and housing on ceiling fans collect a lot of dust when in use and even when not being used. Such high dusting jobs can be messy and difficult to reach. This is a page about dusting ceiling fans.


A woman spraying cleaner on a white counter.

How I Save Money By Keeping a Clean HouseThere are many money saving advantages to keeping a clean house from energy efficiency to reducing wear and tear on mattresses and electronics. This is a page about how I save money by keeping a clean house.


Keeping Your House Clean

Keeping Your House CleanThis is a page about keeping your house clean. Once you have your house nice and clean there are strategies for keeping it that way.


How to Care for Your Swimwear - suit soaking in vinegar water

How to Care for Your SwimwearSwimwear goes through a lot more than your typical article of clothing. It gets in contact with chlorine, salt, sun lotions, and sprays. They're also way more elastic than your usual garment, so throwing them in the washer and dryer will only shorten its lifespan and kill its colour. Here is how I wash my swimwear to elongate its life and keep the quality pristine.


A bottle of white vinegar.

Cleaning With VinegarA frugal and effective natural cleaner is vinegar. It can be used to disinfect surfaces, soften and brighten laundry, deodorize and much more. This is a page about cleaning with vinegar.


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A family brushing their teeth.

Keeping Your Toothbrush CleanIn addition to changing out your toothbrush on a regular schedule there may be times when you want to clean your current one. This page offers some varying suggestions for cleaning a toothbrush, including soaking and running through the dishwasher.


A remote control on a green background.

Cleaning Acetone Residue Off Remote Control?Acetone or nail polish remover can be used to clean off many materials, but some plastics can be damaged when this chemical is applied. Depending on how badly the item is damaged, sometimes it can be removed.


Removing Sticky Adhesive Residue from Plastic - container with water inside

Removing Sticky Adhesive Residue from PlasticFill a container with pretty warm water (as hot as you can without it distorting the plastic container of course) and let it sit 5 minutes. This heats up the adhesive on the outside of the container. Don't get the outside (where the glue is) wet though. Dump out the water (still keeping the outside dry) and generously wipe the gluey spot with a paper towel soaked in vegetable oil.


A toilet with a blue toilet seat cover.

Cleaning with a DisabilitySo, I've already mentioned I broke my spine. Well, I also broke my spinal hardware bilaterally which runs from T-10 to my ilium. My stubborn self refused to be put down no matter what life threw my way, so I continued to do my chores, not wishing to become too much of a burden on anyone.


A closet full of clothes.

Cleaning Out a Deceased Person's HomeDealing with the loss of a friend or family member is hard. There is also the need sometimes to clean out their home. This page contains some tips for cleaning out a deceased person's home.


Nail glue being applied to the top of a nail.

Cleaning Nail Glue From CountertopNail glue is often a cyano-acrylic glue like Crazy Glue and similar products. Try a remover made especially made for this adhesive. Test to make sure it does not damage your countertop. Other options are mentioned below.


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Removing Paint from Roller Blinds?How do I get dry emulsion paint out of a black, black out roller blind?


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Removing Carbon Copy Ink from Paper?How do I remove old blue carbon copy ink from a paper booklet?


Source of Black Soot Sticking to All Plastic Items in Apartment

Source of Black Soot Sticking to All Plastic Items in Apartment?I have black soot in my apartment that is sticking to mostly plastic items, cups, plates, trash cans, even in my bathroom sink and toilet seat. The maintenance department is stumped and my property manager keeps blaming it on candles. (I burn maybe one candle once in a while).


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Removing Super Glue from a Beard?How do you remove super glue from your beard safely?


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Removing Hair Dye from Painted Wood?So I accidentally got some blue hair dye on painted wood in my bathroom. It's been a few days so I'm hoping it's not permanently stained. It's a light yellow paint if that helps. I've tried using a Mr. Clean eraser and a mix of water/dish soap/baking soda. What can I use that won't ruin the pain, but lift the stain?


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Cleaning Cat Urine off a Bathroom Wall?So apparently my cat has peed on my bathroom wall. You can only see it when a black light is on the spots; and it does not smell. I need to know how to get this off of my bathroom wall and baseboard. Please help!


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