White Purse Has Yellowed?

I have a Dooney and Bourke bag with multicolored hearts all over it and it is made out of vinyl I think. It has turned a yellowish color since I got it a couple years ago. Does anyone have this problem and does anyone know how to clean it so it looks white again?


Kim from New York

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By HaleyP (Guest Post)
December 5, 20070 found this helpful

I just bought one of their white purses two weeks ago at a thrift shop. When I got it home in bright light it also has a yellowish tint in the white areas. I'm looking forward to seeing what feedback you get on this subject!


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December 6, 20070 found this helpful

I don't know if Dooney and Bourke has a policy of renewing their handbags, but I know Coach does.

If you send in Coach bags they will refurbish, repair and often replace for free, their handbags for the rest of your life.


Maybe Dooney has a website you can log on to to find out. Really, their bags are so expensive and such an investment that I feel sure they would have some kind of lifetime guarantee.

Also, it seems that perhaps there is something wrong with the leather on your bag. They are supposed to last a lifetime and it doesn't seem right that their leather would discolor.


By Mandy (Guest Post)
January 5, 20080 found this helpful

I have the same purse! Mine too of course was turning yellow and I tried soap and a little bit of bleach, but nothing happened. So I put it away in a storage container, embarrassed to carry it around. I just pulled it out and it's even MORE yellow! I know it can't be heated, mine has never really been in heated area longer than probably 10 minutes (and that's just walking outside).


I am going to try the toothpaste and spray and wash ideas, and I will let you know the outcome. But I am definately going to the website to complain or something, if that doesn't work, I will be calling!

By HaleyP (Guest Post)
January 5, 20080 found this helpful

I sent a email to the company ( ) and this is their response:

Thank you for your email. In order for us to advise you on the care of
your item, we would need to know the style or collection in which the
item is from (ie: Signature, IT, All Weather Leather, etc).

This information is necessary to provide you with the proper care
instructions for your bag, as each product has it's own guidelines.


Customer Service

I haven't gotten back with them yet

By Kim (Guest Post)
January 6, 20080 found this helpful

I've tried toothpaste and it seemed to work a little bit but not much. It is an IT bag.

By (Guest Post)
March 5, 20081 found this helpful

I also have an "IT" bucket bag by dooney and bourke and and am mad at how yellow it is, I spent so much on it it's so hard to part with the purse! I need cleaning tips!

By lizzy (Guest Post)
April 28, 20080 found this helpful

I also have a It purse and my mom put it in the closet for like two months and now it's yellowish in some areas. I tried soap, toothpaste, and water. I love my purse, any tips?

By DV (Guest Post)
April 30, 20080 found this helpful

If you mail the purse back to them they will refurbish it... for a price. Unfortunately, Dooney & Bourke only guarantee their products for a year. After that, they start charging you to fix it.


Here's their FAQ:

By Terri, CA (Guest Post)
January 17, 20090 found this helpful

My white barrel purse has turned to a dark Yellow and brownish color. i have only had this purse for 5 to 6 years and will not carry this purse around with me because it is embarrassing. I have read everyone's complaints and I will never buy another dooney and bourke purse again in my life. I'm going to try out. I spent too much money on this purse for this to happen to it. I was only able to actually use it for 2 years b-4 it started changing color, I haven't used it since then. I have a black one too, thank god that hasn't changed yet.

By (Guest Post)
February 22, 20090 found this helpful

I bought a purse on ebay- a dooney and bourke "it" bag. the purse was suppose to be white but it was stained yellow and I have tried everything I could think to restore it. In the process, I managed to ruin the clear coating that they put over the leather- the purse is now yellow with bubbled leather.


Just a suggestion- BE careful trying to clean your leather dooney! Watercauses the clear overlay to separate from the leather and then it bubbles! I'm just glad I bought mine on ebay for 20 dollars!

September 18, 20210 found this helpful

Has anyone discovered a fix for separated layers in the coated cotton line?

September 5, 20220 found this helpful

It's not leather. It's waxed cotton

March 22, 20090 found this helpful

I have a giraffe lock satchel that also turned a horrible yellow color in places. I found out that it were mostly the places where it was exposed to sun or rain cause the bottom was still the nice off-white color.


I called D&B and basically got the same answers as everyone here, since my husband was transferred to Europe that wasn't an option.

I tried cleaning it gently but nothing worked and then I remembered we have this off-white leather paint/conditioner that we got with the ridiculous expensive off-white leather couch.
It worked I applied it like paint with a fine brush let dry and rubbed it out gently .. it's been months and it's nice and white.

Maybe look for something similar, they should have it in good furniture stores or maybe the high end automotive stored since many cars have white interior leather also.
good luck

March 14, 20190 found this helpful

So you painted the yellowing?

July 11, 20120 found this helpful

Guarantee, Returns, Repairs & Replacements

The Dooney & Bourke Guarantee
When you purchase a Dooney & Bourke handbag or accessory, you are making an investment that will pay dividends for many years to come. Our firm commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in all of our products, which are guaranteed against any defect in craftsmanship for one full year. If your Dooney & Bourke purchase does not withstand the rigors of normal use within one year, we will gladly repair or replace the item free of charge. Please keep in mind that some Dooney & Bourke products take on certain characteristics over a period of normal wear that are not considered defects. For instance, the leather trim and handles on many of our handbags will gradually darken to a richer shade with time and exposure to sunlight. This sort of natural aging, along with certain amounts of stretching and softening, creates a distinctive, matured appearance that will continue to enhance over time.

In order to be covered by our product guarantee, simply fill out and return the guarantee card that comes with each Dooney & Bourke product.

We will gladly exchange or refund your order, provided the merchandise is unused and you respond within thirty days after receiving your order. Shipping and handling fees are not refundable. To return an item, please ship it UPS or insured mail, and be sure to fill out and enclose the bottom portion of your invoice.

Any exchanged or refunded item will be credited for the price at which the item was purchased. If you choose to exchange your item, any replacement item will be charged at the current price at the time of your exchange.

The Dooney & Bourke Repair/Replacement Program
Repairs: After the initial year covered by our guarantee, we will gladly repair any Dooney & Bourke bag or accessory that has become damaged or worn. Repair costs vary, depending on the condition of the item, but will not exceed half of the current retail price for that particular style. Once we receive an item for repair, we will inspect the item, advise you of repair costs (via mail, allow 1-2 weeks) and request your approval before any repair work takes place. If your bag or accessory is beyond repair or if repair costs exceed half of the current retail price you will be eligible for a replacement.

Replacements: If an item is beyond repair, or if the repair costs exceed half of the current retail price, you have the option of having it replaced. You will be offered credit for half the current retail price of that item to apply toward a replacement item of equal or greater value. We will try to accommodate all replacement requests to your full satisfaction, however, it is not our policy to replace an item from a specific collection with another item from one of the following collections/styles: watches, coats, sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves and shoes, Internet specials and the new IT collection. Please note: The original item will not be returned to you. Once you have authorized a replacement, this item will be destroyed.

Processing: To repair or replace an item please return it to our factory with your name, address, and phone number (day and evening) via insured mail or UPS. Be sure to include a description of the repair / replacement needed. Allow 1-2 weeks for a written response and 4-6 weeks time for your requested repair and / or replacement.

Dooney & Bourke, Inc.
Att: Return Department
1 Regent Street
E. Norwalk, CT 06855

If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service Department:
(800) 347-5000

This was found at the official website.

March 17, 20180 found this helpful

It seems as though everyone has the same problem with this colored bag instead of telling us to send it back to them because it doesn't do it until after the year guarantee is up! Why don't they put on their website a cleaning solution for everyone that has purchased these BAGS?
By now I'm sure they either have a resolution for cleaning them or an answer as to whether or not they can be repaired or cleaned sure would save the consumer a lot of shipping back and forth and waiting on answers this is ridiculous I will never buy another Dooney & Bourke bag!

May 27, 20180 found this helpful

I share the same sentiment. They should have come up with a product for cleaning as so many people have complained. I have small barrel bag which I paid $160 for and I can't take it out because of the colour.

July 17, 20160 found this helpful

I have this same issue with my handbag however I believe it to be the leather that is looped around the purse. Anyone else think its possible in someway?

December 21, 20161 found this helpful

I have 3 D&B bags and they have all discolored. I used to love them but won't buy another because of this issue.

February 3, 20171 found this helpful

I have a zebra bag leather and a more vinyl bag with bumble bees the yellowing is even turning more of a beige now. I'm going to try baking soda whitening toothpaste on the areas with a toothbrush and let it dry on the vinyl one other one I seem to have gotten it out a little bit I've applied to treatments of kiwi saddle soap for leather. You really have to scrub it's going to look like the white is ruled off but once it dried it came back. Scary but working so far.

May 7, 20181 found this helpful

Breyer horses have the same problem with time. They start to yellow. The fix is to expose them to direct sun. I have a yellowed Miami Beach D&B and it yellowed. I suspect storing it in plastic is what ruined it. Plastic leaches and unless its archival level storage, will cause the bags to turn color. Try putting them in the sunlight. Im doing that with mine today. And store them inside their fabric bags or a cotton pillowcase. Id avoid plastic boxes at all costs.

June 10, 20181 found this helpful

I just took my bag put of storage but it wasn't in plastic and it completely yellowed except the bottom which I am not sure why. I am very upset with D&B producing such a produce. I have tried everything I can find except putti g it in the sun. It can't get any worse cause how it is now, it's ruined and I will not use it..thxs for your comment and glad I found this thread so I know it's not happening to me alone.

June 13, 20180 found this helpful

It isn't just Dooney & Bourke purses.
It's all white leather. Took it to a really good shoe repair and he said there is nothing that will make it white again.

October 8, 20190 found this helpful

Not true!! I own two MK completely white purses and neither stained or yellowed after years of carrying them. I even have some ALDO handbags that never changed as well.

June 27, 20181 found this helpful

Here is the only solution. It is the PLASTIC COATING that Dooney puts on their bags. I have painstakingly peeled off this useless coating on 2 of my multicolored signature bags so far to reveal perfection underneath: the white one which was yellowed and is now white, and the black one which had the hazy whiteish surface, which is now restored to black. Its not easy to peel this stuff off, but it can be done. Its just a thin plastic coating that deteriorates and yellows over time, and theres just no way to reverse that.

August 7, 20190 found this helpful

I have two vintage signature bags, one black amd one white. I peeled the coating off and the hlack one is adorable and useable again but I don't recommend it on the white.

September 7, 20190 found this helpful

Hi! So what does the white purse look like? Are you able to post pictures? Just want to see before trying. Thanks

January 8, 20210 found this helpful

Actually if u unseem a small portion of the pocket inside the purse u will.see that the whole purse is lined in the inside with a brownish yellowish layer which is very similar to a brown paperbag this is whats causing the purse to turn color i suggest carefully and thoroughly takin this out its not easy and very time consuming its in all creases and crevises believe me cause if u leave any at all in it will.continue to get darker and worsen and if any pieces left in a hidden spot it will be noticeable and color will agin begin to bleed out into the rest of the purse once All is removed wash using a laundry bar soap called Fels Naptha sold at wal mart it lightened and whitened but its not as white as originally bought at least its better than before sorry I couldn't be more of help to get it back to 100% just thought I'd share my experience IMPORTANT!! DO NOT submerge or leave wet for long at all it will begin to lift ur front liner away from the fabric of the purse and I haven't figure out a way to fix so be careful

February 14, 20210 found this helpful

Yes, this works. But you will be left with a canvas bag with no protection. I threw away my original it bag and then found one at a garage sale that I purchased and removed the plastic overlay. I'm going to try spraying a canvas protectant on it and hopefully it won't discolor. But without that plastic there is no more yellow.

September 26, 20180 found this helpful

I have a handbag that yellowed too and its ugly! Since its past the year and Dooney & Burke wont fix it because its been way past the year and I am not paying to fix it I think I paid enough for it in the first place! why order from there in the future.

October 8, 20190 found this helpful

I say we all file a complaint with the Better Business bureau!!! They have gotten away with during this to a lot of women. They need to be held accountable to at least coming up with a way to clean these purses. They are aware that its happening and continue to make the same purses with the same problems. We spent our heart earned money purchasing their items only to see them turn yellow and not be able to do anything about it. They are fully aware we purchased these bags that they will be turning yellow thats why they give the one year manufacturer warranty. They are being deceitful to their consumers to continue selling items that are yellowing and staining. Lets all go on the Better Business Bureau and File a complaint! We all have purses that we can no longer use I guess now theyre antiques to hang around our houses and closets. At the least they need to invent a cleaning solution for these handbags so they can used again .

December 7, 20180 found this helpful

Try Hydrogen Peroxide- usually is very good with removing stains

January 23, 20200 found this helpful

I also purchased one of their signature bags white with multicolored DB's on bag and it turned yellow. I called them which they stated it was the way I stored it, so I sent it back, they gave me a $100 towards purchasing another one. So, I purchased another one similar to the one before and stored it this time in a white cotton cover. I just went to pull it out and this one is yellow now too. I'm truly pissed and will never purchase another bag from them. This new one cost me almost $200 with the credit.

January 29, 20200 found this helpful

Had the same issue and ended up finding out that the yellowing is caused by oxidation. The problem is beneith the plastic. There is nothing to be done but the suggestion was to google tips to help slow oxidation.

April 24, 20210 found this helpful

This happens with older Breyer horses. The fix has always been to place the item in the sun and let the sun bleach the yellowing out naturally. Im currently doing this with an older D&B Miami bag thats too cute to toss. It may take several days but it should improve in the direct sunlight.

May 26, 20210 found this helpful

I have the exact solution for this. I had the same problem with my D&B. Its the plastic coating over the logos that has yellowed. I bought Retro-Brite Special Gel Formulation on Amazon ($20). It was worth the risk to me because the bag was so bad I couldnt carry it. Make sure you tape up all the leather with painters tape. You spread this on thickly, cover with plastic wrap, and put out in sun. The UV rays react with the gel to remove the yellow. It might take more than one coat and more than one day in the sun, but I swear it worked. My bag is back to bright white. I was so happy.

January 27, 20230 found this helpful

I am trying this now, how many tries did it take and how long did you leave it out in the sun?


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