Keeping Snakes Out of My Garden


Why are there snakes in my garden? I love landscaping and enjoy staying in my garden planting and more, but since I saw the first snake a year ago I am very nervous.

Every week I find a snake in my garden front and or back yard. So, why that happen? I want to retake my garden work, but I am scared. Usually I find a black snake about 12 inches and yesterday I found a ringsnake, very small, in front of my door. Help please.

Hardiness Zone: 10a

By Dorysi from Coral Springs, FL


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By vicki hood 4 564 08/21/2010

You will feel better when you Google and identify what snakes these are. Most are doing good things like eating bugs. Are there poisonous snakes in your area? Ask neighbors. Learn to identify poison snakes that may be in your area. Sure they need to be killed or removed. The others are probably helping you and your garden and you needn't have such a dislike. Study to understand. It helps the fear.

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By elcid 21 08/21/2010

The easiest way to get rid of snakes is to put moth balls out and around the garden that you speak of. Moth balls are toxic to snakes and they will stay away!

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Archive: Keeping Snakes Out of My Garden

Does anyone know how to get rid of snakes and keep them away? Too many snakes in and around my garden. They seem to be living in the crevices of an old stone fireplace. Thanks Ralphed


Archive: Keeping Snakes Out of My Garden

How can we get rid of snakes (copperheads) in our yard and garden? Thank you.

By Juli from Cape Fair, MO

Archive: Keeping Snakes Out of My Garden

My yard is full of snakes. I'm scared that they will bite me, but I don't want them dead. How can I make them stay out my yard? There are black ones and red ones.

By Lillian from FL

RE: Keeping Snakes Out of My Garden

There must be something in your garden that the snakes want to eat such as rodents or bugs. The snakes will not stay where there is no food for them to eat. (05/29/2010)

By merlene

RE: Keeping Snakes Out of My Garden

Google Snake-A-Way. I hear it is a good product. Hope this helps. (05/29/2010)

By rasta

RE: Keeping Snakes Out of My Garden

Buy a couple big plastic owls or black birds and place around your yard, it's supposed to work. (06/01/2010)

By Coll3

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