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Removing Mothball Smell From Wool

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How can you get the smell of mothballs out of a natural sheep's-wool lining of a leather jacket?

By Fitschen from IN


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By Sheilah Link [5]11/05/2010

Just hang the item somewhere with air circulation, nearly empty closet, doorway, etc. and the odor will disappear in a few days. It might help to turn the jacket inside out.

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]07/31/2005

How do you remove Mothball smell from woolen sweaters?



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Archive: Removing Mothball Smell From Wool

Is there an effective way to get moth ball smell out of wool clothing or is it there forever? I have sent it to the cleaners and that did not help one bit. I love these wool blazers and would really like to use them again.


RE: Removing Mothball Smell From Wool

To remove mothball odors from clothing that has been in storage, put the clothing in a garbage bag with a few fabric softener sheets, close the bag tightly, and the odor will be gone in a few days. If you want to wear the clothes right away, try putting them in the dryer with a dryer sheet and turn it on to "Air Dry" for about 20 minutes. (10/31/2004)

By Racing against thimerosol

RE: Removing Mothball Smell From Wool

I have a beautiful wool blanket that reeked of moth balls. I tried putting it in the dryer on airdry with about 5 drier sheets. This worked beautifully. In about 5 minutes the smell was completely gone. Thanks! (01/23/2008)

By Nancy

RE: Removing Mothball Smell From Wool

To remove the smell from the rug, you must place it in the sun, take it in during the evening, don't let it get damp. A driveway or patio will work, and put out again for several days. It will remove the smell. (09/02/2008)

By Michael

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