Mashed Potatoes for 40 People


How many lbs. of potatoes would be needed to feed 40 people mashed potatoes?

Kay from Salyersville, KY



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By Marty Dick 163 955 12/04/2007

When I fix potato salad or mashed potatoes for more than 2 people (DH and me) I do one medium potato per person. this will allow for ample servings with some leftovers but you won't be overrun with wasted food.

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By Judi 18 939 12/04/2007

I also do 1 potato (med. size) for each person.

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By Marge Mayhew 3 149 12/04/2007

I like a website called "Dayle's Growlies for Groups". Do a search on google for it. It has a wealth of information for cooking in large quantities plus good recipes!

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By Marty Dick 163 955 12/05/2007

PS from earlier post. I am noted for being frugal with money but I am also a person wo likes to manage time. As an adult I went with friends to a restaurant which did mashed potatoes by boiling them in the jackets and mashing them that way. Think of the peeling time you'll save! Personally I like potatoes in the jacket as I was raised on them boiled whole and I ate the whole thing. Just a thought for your busy time. Enjoy your meal and try not to work so hard you don't enjoy the most important thing.... time with people.

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By heather coulls (Guest Post) 12/05/2007

You can make mashed potato go further simply by beating in a raw egg. This is done by the Australian Army, and the potatoes are always creamy.

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By (Guest Post) 12/05/2007

I would have no idea. I know when we had my mother's 80th surprise birthday party. My brother bought the frozen potatoes, you had to add milk and margarine or butter but they were really good. He fixed them at the place we had it serving about 110 people. I have no idea of the cost but he did say that it tells you how many serving per person is on the bag. If you are interested I can ask him just let me know what your questions are.
Joan from Maryland

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By (Guest Post) 12/05/2007

Just thought of something else. Maybe a homeless shelter or a school cafeteria cook could tell you.

Joan from MD

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By Chris Ellyson 2 82 12/05/2007

googled "recipes for a crowd mashed potatoes" and came up with this: http://recipesforacrowd.com/vegetables?page=5

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By Michele 9 17 12/05/2007

My mother taught me to always use 1 potato per person plus one for the pot whenever making a potato dish... so go with 41 potatoes!

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By Lisa 1 12/06/2007

My Mama always said one potato per person about the size of your fist. I also like the idea of boiling with the skins as that is where the taste and the nutrients are!
Make it easy on yourself!

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By Teena 3 4 12/07/2007

Whenever I cook mashed potatoes for my family I always allow at least 2 medium potatoes for each person. Then you can always add a few more for those that take big helpings. I've done it this way for the past 30 years and it works out pretty good. Any leftovers can always be made into potato pancakes, or even potato salad (sounds odd but it is good)


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By sparrow70 03/28/2013

I just had a pre- Easter party. We had 42 guests, (17 of which were children). I made 25 pounds of potatoes & had about 1 cup left. It was served with many other dishes.

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