Unclogging a Drain or Toilet Attached to a Septic System

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Unclogging a toilet on a septic system usually involves taking care to not use chemicals that can harm the septic system. That said it can still usually be done by the homeowner. This is a guide about unclogging a drain or toilet attached to a septic system.



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Question: Unclogging Toilet Hooked to Septic Tank

Has anyone with a septic tank used the soap and hot water method to unclog toilets? Would this damage your septic tank?

By Billy from Rocky Mount, NC


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By Lilac [20]01/13/2010

I have had two different septic tanks and both were nithing but trouble. Yet other people seem to have no trouble at all. One thing that is a problem is the automatic lint filter on your washer. It flips when the washer cycle is done and the lint goes into the tank. It does not disolve and just builds up in the tank. If you have enough land to run the washer outside of the tank it helps. If not trying to filter the wash water as it drains would help.

Question: Unclogging a Drain Attached to a Septic System

Does anyone have any tips for unblocking a drain? It needs to be pretty natural as we have a septic tank (we don't want to kill the bacteria).

By Jacqui428


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By christopher12/07/2010

I also have a septic tank and drain field. I have used sodium hydroxide (lye) several times without problem a could help, but who knows.

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