Clearing a Toilet Clogged with Cat Litter

August 11, 2015

I made the mistake of throwing a large clump of clumping kitty litter down the toilet. Here are some tricks I used to unclog it:

  • Remove any toilet paper, etc. from the clogged toilet.

  • For overnight (or after 4 hours), combine 2 cups of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a glass cup and pour that into the clogged toilet.

  • The next morning, take 3 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid (I used Dawn) and pour that into the toilet. Immediately pour 3 cups of hot water into the toilet and let that sit for an hour and a half.

  • After it has sat, try to flush. Stop the flush if it seems like the toilet water is going to overflow. Then pour 8 to 10 teapots full of boiling hot water into the toilet. Pour boiling water into the clogged toilet, with back to back pours, waiting about 1 minute and 1/2 in between pours.

My teapot holds 9 cups of water. The clog should clear up after pouring in the boiling hot water.

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September 2, 2008

Scoopable kitty litter was put in toilet. Wouldn't go down, your website told me to use mouthwash. I had a few ounces of mouthwash.


I poured it in plunged and it flushed. I was truly amazed!. I had been plunging and flushing and nothing.


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July 27, 2020

How do I remove clumping cat litter that is stuck like cement to the inside of the toilet bowl?


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July 27, 20200 found this helpful
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I've heard of this for litter stuck to the litter box, so might be worth a try? (Drain water from toilet and allow to dry.) Mix two parts hot water with one part hydrogen-based bleach in your spray bottle and shake well.


Spray all of the clumps thoroughly. Soak them well so they're easy to remove. Good luck!


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July 27, 20200 found this helpful
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I'm not sure this will work but I think I would try spraying/pouring dish washing liquid on the litter (start at top so it might run through litter) And maybe add a little water to see if you can get the litter to absorb the soap; wait about 30 minutes and then pour a kettle of hot water on the clump.
Hopefully this will loosen the litter.
It's also possible white vinegar would do the same thing.

If you have a plastic spatula you might give it a little help by pushing the spatula behind the clump.


I think this will work but it may take more than one time.

Please try to capture the litter and not flush it or you may clog your toilet completely.
It would probably be best to use bags and trash for litter from now on. The Dollar Tree has several size bags that can be used for this disposal.


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July 27, 20200 found this helpful
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Clumping cat litter is made to ball up and clump together. This should never be thrown down the toilet because it can cause blockage in your pipes and like you have found out can stick to the side of the toilet bowl and make it almost impossible to remove. There have been many people who have had issues with their toilet clogging and have found solutions to get the clogs out. Here is the article from this site.


One of the things you can try is to use mouthwash to resolve the cat littler and remove it from the toilet. Boiling water is yet another one that seems to work fine to dissolve the cat litter and remove it from the toilet.

I would suggest that you stop this practice now before you clog your pipes and need to get a plumber to unclog them for you. This litter should be put in a plastic bag and disposed of in a trash can and not in the yard or in a toilet bowl.

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February 19, 2018

I have dumped the waste from the cat litter in the toilet about four times and there was no problem until the last time. The cat had a big clump and it wouldn't flush down. Now the toilet has cat litter that won't flush in it and when I flush, the water rises to the top of the bowl and within 5 minutes has gone back to normal.

How do I fix this issue?


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February 19, 20180 found this helpful
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You will have to use a toilet auger to push it through the line and into the sewer system.


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February 19, 20180 found this helpful
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Your going to have to snake it. Cat liter is not supposed to go through the sewer system. It can harden like concrete and be several hundred dollars to several thousand if it hardens in the main line.


I know--a renter did it to one of my houses.


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February 20, 20180 found this helpful
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A very simple way to do this is with a garden hose. Run it down the toilet and turn it on full force. This should force the clump through and you should be fine. I use a garden hose to unclog a toilet when my grandson stuffed 2 rolls of toilet paper down the toilet. It worked like a charm.

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May 2, 2005

I did a dumb thing. I didn't realize that it was bad to flush cat poop down the toilet. I would scoop his litter box and flush the feces down the toilet. The litter was just regular clay litter, and I would shake all access litter off, but there was still pieces stuck to the feces.

It didn't cause damage at first so I didn't see a problem, but one day it backed up. Ever since, it has been semi clogged and will clog up easily. We have tried plunging but it is not helping. What should I do?



May 3, 20050 found this helpful
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It's time for a plumber's snake. You can get one at the hardware. Fairly straight-forward on how to use.

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December 21, 2014

How do I unclog a toilet that was clogged with cat litter?

By Cea from Houston, TX


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December 21, 20140 found this helpful

Cat litter is usually made, part or all, of clay and clay expands in water. So if clay litter is dumped into the toilet, it will expand and can cause very difficult problems, even cracked pipes. You can try a toilet snake yourself but the best plan is to call in a plumber who will have better tools, knowledge and experience to work with the problem.


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December 30, 20140 found this helpful

Never flush cat litter down the toilet, not even flushable litter. Never put anything but toilet paper down the toilet (not even flushable wipes). It will save lots of problems and some big plumber's bills. I'd call a plumber as soon as possible. The problem isn't going to get any better.


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January 5, 20150 found this helpful

I agree with other posters. If plunging doesn't work, and a snake doesn't work (or you don't know how to use it), call a plumber. I am sure that this is something that most plumbers will have dealt with, and they will get your toilet running again.

March 2, 20162 found this helpful

Thanks to the advice below, I tried all remedies starting with the snake. That did not work because of the shape of the back of the toilet bowl; if it is an S shape, the snake does not work. Mouthwash did not work. Vinigar did not work. BUT finally, LOTS OF HOT WATER and DISH SOAP ! I poured boiling water from my the largest two pots I have for making pasta PLUS alot of dish soap (COSTCO's environmentally sound soap worked just find). Just for good measure I must have poured 4 gallons of boiling water through at the SAME TIME as the dish soap. It worked! Thanks for sharing this trick husband will never put clay kitty litter in the toilet again.

January 16, 20181 found this helpful

I am thrilled with the boiling water and dish soap tip. Worked like a charm.

December 6, 20200 found this helpful

I have S-shaped pipes and the snake worked. You have to get one of the expensive ones, not the cheap plastic snakes. A good snake will have a crank one one end and a bore/drill on the other. Turning the crank will push the snake slowly forward and the tip of the snake will drill right through any litter and when it does the clump will collapse on itself and pass through. Took me less than 5 minutes.

January 9, 20210 found this helpful

I boiled lots of water and poured it down with dish soap -- it worked! Thank you!

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March 4, 2015

I have been using this clumping cat litter since I was asked to take in a 4th cat. I have 2 boxes, 4 cats, hoo-boy. I always put the clumps in a baggie and throw them in the garbage. But with the winter I noticed a couple of things. First, my vacuum was getting clogged with a super-fine dust. I have to clean the filter every time I vacuum.

Second, my voice had become very raspy. And finally, the sink where I clean the filter has begun to back up. So, I'm wondering if this dust is clogging the sink? In an earlier post you mention using mouthwash to clear it. Would that work with this dust?

By Marige O. from Washington, NJ


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December 4, 20170 found this helpful

Yes, it could very well be causing all those problems. Start using a small broom instead of the vacuum. I would change liters.


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December 4, 20170 found this helpful

Yes, this could be it. Have a dustpan just for this purpose and use a face mask

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January 8, 2014

Can cat litter still clog the toilet after I flushed it 100 times non stop? I know this sounds really stupid but I flushed cat litter down the toilet. Before I flushed it, I put some hot water in the cat litter to make it soggy. After I flushed it down, I continued flushing the toilet non stop.

Will the cat litter still clog the toilet after I flushed it that many times? I only flushed about 1/4 of a cup. It works right now but will it clog later tonight?


By tiffanyhung1108 Toronto, ON


October 30, 20190 found this helpful

Yup, I tried to scoop up as much as possible to the bag and then I poured about 0.5 l hot water with soap + 1.5l o boiling water. Helped!!!

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April 3, 2005

Hi all! Well my husband made it home safe and we just moved into the new place. Unfortunately he thought that "scoopable" and "flushable" cat litter were the same thing. So now the toilet is clogged. How do we get the clay litter out and get the toilet unclogged? Thanks everyone.

Suzanne S. from NJ


April 3, 20050 found this helpful

Oh My what a mess. There's a couple of things I can think of. 1. Rent a snake from a rental store and run it down the toilet. Hopefully it will run the stuff on into your septic. Tell guy at the rental store what going on and he might be able to give you some ideas. 2. Call rotorooter and ask them if they would give ideas of what to do. I hope it wasn't a whole lot, if it was might have to have septic pumped out once you've flushed it on thru.
Good Luck. Let us know what you end up doing and if it works.

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