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This page contains thrifty tips and advice to help you with plumbing repairs.

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Man sitting on couch looking through phone book in flooded room with water up past his ankles

Finding Plumbing Repair Assistance for...This is a page about finding plumbing repair assistance for low income homeowners. Having working plumbing is a necessity. However, some families can not afford the cost of hiring a tradesperson to make the necessary repairs.


Man repairing plumbing under sink

Finding Plumbing Repair Help for Low Income Homeowners?This is a page about finding plumbing repair help for low income homeowners. Plumbing repairs may be too expensive for many low income homeowners. However they are quite necessary for health and even safety. Finding a source of assistance to reduce the costs can help.


house with trees

Getting Rid of Roots in a Sewer Line?This is a page about getting rid of roots in a sewer line. Roots growing into your sewer line can cause a lot of problems including backed-up plumbing.


A bottle of blue Dawn.

Use Dawn Detergent to Unclog a DrainCooking grease and the residue from shampoos and conditioners can clog your drains. Many people have success breaking up the clog with Dawn. This is a page about use Dawn detergent to unclog drain.


Paper Towels

Fixing a Toilet Clogged By Paper Towels?One or two paper towels might easily flush down the toilet, however if someone puts a larger number down it will probably clog the plumbing. This is a page about fixing a toilet clogged by paper towels.


Water running into a garbage disposal.

Unclogging a Garbage DisposalUnclogging a garbage disposal can be a nasty job. This is a page about unclogging a garbage disposal.



Water going down a sink drain.

Cleaning Wax Poured Down a Drain?If melted candle type wax is accidentally poured down one of your drains there are a couple of common approaches to resolving this problem. One is to dismantle the plumbing or you can try hot water, vinegar, and perhaps the addition of baking soda. This is a page about cleaning wax poured down a drain.


A box of baby wipes.

How to Unclog a Toilet Clogged by Baby Wipes?Before calling a plumber try a plunger or a plumber's snake to dislodge trapped baby wipes in your toilet pipes. This is a page about how to unclog a toilet clogged by baby wipes.


Fixing Noisy Plumbing Pipes

Quieting/Soundproofing Noisy Plumbing Pipes?This is a page about quieting/soundproofing noisy plumbing pipes. Noisy plumbing can be very annoying, but there are some easy ways to insulate and reduce the sound.


clogged toilet

Fixing a Toilet Clogged By Feminine Pads?This is a page about fixing a toilet clogged by feminine pads. A feminine pad that is flushed down a toilet will quickly clog the plumbing.


Faucet running water into Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Sink Backs Up into Tub?Some plumbing clogs result in one fixture or drain backing up into another one. This is usually indicative of a main line clog. This is a page about bathroom sink backs up into the tub.


Toddler looking in open toilet

Plastic Ball Stuck in ToiletThis is a page about plastic ball stuck in toilet. Having a small round item such as a ball stuck in your toilet can be a repair headache.


Toilet Brush Head

Toilet Brush Head Stuck in ToiletThis is a page about the toilet brush head stuck in toilet. It is very frustrating when you are cleaning your toilet and the brush head becomes stuck in the toilet.


plunging toilet

Clearing a Toilet Clogged with Cat LitterIf you have ever made the mistake of dumping the cat box into the toilet, you may have had to deal with the resulting clog. This is a page about clearing a toilet clogged with cat litter.


Hand in a rubber glove holding pink dish soap.

Using Dish Soap to Unclog a ToiletIf you have trouble getting your toilet to flush even after plunging, check out the technique here to clear the flow. This is a page about using dish soap to unclog toilet.


toilet plunger

Fixing a Clogged ToiletWhen your toilet gets clogged, you don't necessarily need to call a plumber. There are ways you can remove the clog yourself. This is a page about fixing a clogged toilet.


Snaking a toilet

Products for Unclogging a Toilet?This is a page about products for unclogging a toilet. You can clear a clogged toilet either manually or by using a product specifically manufactured for this purpose.


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Shower Water is Cold During the Winter?We have plenty of hot water in the shower during the summer months, but when cold weather sets in within a matter of a couple minutes it slowly gets cool. As the years go on it gets worse and this year I don't even have time to wash my hair. When summer comes we have hot water during the full shower, including the hair wash. It seems to be only the shower that this happens to, other faucets are normal, including the tub.


Peeling potatoes into a sink with a garbage disposal.

Clearing Potato Peelings From a Garbage DisposalCertain food items such as potato and carrot peelings can cause a clog in the plumbing attached to your disposal. This is a page about clearing potato peelings from a garbage disposal.


clogged toilet

Unclogging a Drain or Toilet Attached to a...This is a page about unclogging a drain or toilet attached to a septic system. Unclogging a toilet on a septic system usually involves taking care to not use chemicals that can harm the septic system. That said it can still usually be done by the homeowner.


Dirty Water Coming from Faucet

Grease Coming Out of a Bathroom FaucetDetermining what would cause grease to come out of your faucet may require a plumber's help. This is a page about grease coming out of bathroom faucet.




Using Mouthwash to Unclog a ToiletMouthwash can be effective for helping unclog certain types of toilet clogs. This is a page about mouthwash to unclog a toilet.


Fixing a Sweating Toilet

Fixing a Sweating ToiletThis page is about fixing a sweating toilet. Determining why your tank is wet will help you get to the root of the problem.


Shower drain with hair

Unclogging a Shower DrainThis is a page about unclogging a shower drain. Shower drains routinely become clogged with soap residue and hair.


White Toilet

Toilet Not Flushing Properly?This is a page about the toilet not flushing properly. Determining the cause for the toilet not flushing is the first step in making the appropriate repairs.


Man welding pipes together

Removing Welding Burn Marks on Stainless Steel Pipe Joint?It can be difficult to remove marks on stainless steel pipes. This is a page about removing welding burn marks on stainless steel pipe joint.


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Troubleshooting a Strong Unidentified Odor in a Park Model Trailer?My parents have a place here on Torch Lake. They have a small park model (kinda like a trailer home), but its is not meant to be lived in during winter months. There are 9 other families all with their own park models.


Repairing a garbage disposal.

Water Backing Up in Dishwasher and DisposalIf your plumbing is backing up into your dishwasher and garbage disposal, you may need to contact a plumber to repair the problem. This is a page about water backing up in dishwasher and disposal.


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Low Water Pressure After Replacing a Faucet?I have low water pressure after replacing new fixture on tub shower.


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Troubleshooting A Water Tank?Dirty water tank is not filling. Reservoir is empty. Cleaned all filters.


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Removing Rusted Washer Hose?My children bought me a new washing machine for Christmas but it can't be hooked up because the old hose is rusted to the water faucet. How do I get this unscrewed without breaking the faucet?


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Safety with Plumber's Chemicals?Is it safe to take a bath that night after the plumber has used chemicals that stay down the drain of the tub?


A sink with a clogged drain.

Use Boiling Water With Liquid Plumbr GelAccording to the Liquid Plumbr web site the hot water is used to flush the drain after the clog has been cleared. Boiling water can be used with vinegar as an alternative method of unclogging a drain instead of chemical drain cleaners.


A clog that has been removed from a drain.

Clearing Clogged PlumbingLike many modern conveniences, plumping is great until it is not, because it is clogged. Clogs often occur in the bathroom, kitchen, and in the plumbing associated with washers. There are manual and chemical methods for clearing the clog yourself. In some cases a plumber may be needed.


A plunger being used in a bathroom sink.

Using a Plunger In a Bathroom SinkWhen using a plunger in a bathroom sink you will need to block the overflow opening with tape or a rag as it interrupts the seal of the plunger suction.


A hot water heater in a home.

Getting Rid of Sulfur Smell from Water Heater?Depending on the age of the water heater and the water supply, there are different reasons why you may be experiencing an odor. This is a page about getting rid of sulfur smell from water heater.



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No Cold Water at Sink and Slow Filling Toilet?I've no cold water in my wash hand basin. The water is filling very slowly in the toilet. The cistern tank is full up in the attic and the ball cock is fine. What else could it be?


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Toilet Won't Flush After Mixing Vinegar and Clorox Tablet in Tank?I poured vinegar in the tank of my toilet on top of the blue Clorox tablet. Now the tank won't flush even after I cleaned the gook it made in the tank. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Water heater tank in a closet.

Water Heater Tank Not Filling?This is a page about a water heater tank not filling. If your water heater tank is not filling with water, there are a few things you can try before calling a plumber.


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Remedy for Smelly Well Water?We bought a house with a well in Columbus, Ohio. We have a water softener. We had a horrible smell when we moved in. We added a filter with charcoal and then added one with kdf85 and kdf55 media. The smell went away for a little while.


Orange Peel

Orange Peels Clogging a Toilet?Slow to disintegrate clogs in your toilet are best cleared by either plunging or using a plumbing snake or auger. This is a page about orange peels clogging a toilet.


Woman with glass of bad well water

Well Water Tastes Bad?Well water often has more particulate in it than water from a municipal source but it shouldn't taste badly. If your well water tastes bad, this may be sign that you need to filter it and perhaps consider having it tested for contaminates.


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Finding Plumbing Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowner?I am having major plumbing problems. I am constantly smelling raw sewage in my home. I have checked everywhere I can think of trying to get help as I cannot afford to pay any of the quotes given to fix the problem. Are there any charity groups or plumbing companies in the Houston area that can help?


Kitchen Faucet

Smell Coming From Kitchen FaucetIf you have a bad smell coming form the water in your faucet, it would probably be a good idea to get the water tested. A smell coming from kitchen faucet is usually a sign there is a problem with the water source or pipes.


Water Faucet Dripping

Air in Well Lines?If you have air in the water lines from your well, it may be necessary to call a plumber to fix the problem. This is a page about air in well lines.


A woman using a plunger in a sink with a garbage disposal that won't drain.

Garbage Disposal Won't DrainWhen your garbage disposal won't drain it is typically the sink plumbing that is the culprit. You need to clear the plug. This is a page about garbage disposal won't drain.


A woman using a plunger in a sink with a garbage disposal.

Unclogging a Sink With a Garbage DisposalA garbage disposal will usually breathing sup enough to not clog your sink but it can happen from time to time. This is a page about unclogging a sink with a garbage disposal.


Baby Powder

Will Baby Powder Clog a Drain?Baby powder is very fine and most likely will not clog you drain but too much of anything can cause a clog. This is a page about will baby powder clog a drain?


Caution on Flushable Wipes - sign warning not to flush wipes

Caution on Flushable WipesWe had a big clog in our main pipe and had to get a plumber. He found a lot of wipes, and we don't have a baby. The plumber said there are makeup remover wipes, wet wipes, and cleaning wipes, to name a few. He said even if the container says is flushable, will not disintegrate and will clog up the pipes eventually.


Toilet Plunger

Toilet Backs Up Into Shower?If your toilet is backing up into your shower, then you may need to contact a plumber to troubleshoot the issue. This is a page about toilet backs up into shower.


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Repairing Dripping Faucets and Water Pressure?I am disabled. I have a condominium, but I am having plumbing issues, including weak water pressure and dripping faucets. My once a month check does not spread far enough after bills. What suggestions for how to get water pressure decent again and stop faucets from dripping and wasting water?


A kitchen faucet with a drip of water.

Tap Water Smells Like Eggs?This is a page about tap water smells like eggs. Household water that has a sulfur or egg smell is very unpleasant. Determining the cause and rectifying it quickly becomes your goal.


Woman using a plunger on a kitchen sink

Garbage Disposal Backs Up Into Sink?This is a page about garbage disposal backs up into sink. You can clear a clogged garbage disposal yourself without calling a plumber.


Hands in rubber kitchen gloves cleaning sink with several cleaning products

Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?This is a page about why water smells like rotten eggs. Determining the cause is the first step in eliminating a foul odor coming from a home water supply.


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No Water from Hot Water Line to Washer?Our washing machine is in our kitchen. Both the cold and hot water pipe hookups run up through the floor to the washing machine. No water is coming in through the pipe.


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Bathroom Sink Plug Keeps Rusting?The plug hole and plug is very rusty on my bathroom sink even though I replace the plug every week, rust appears as soon as water connects to plug.


Wash Tub Drain (Utility Sink)

Clearing a Slow Wash Tub Drain (Utility Sink)?This is a page about clearing a slow wash tub drain (utility sink). Just like any other house plumbing, the drain from your wash tub or utility sink can become slow or stopped up.


Man Ready to Deal with Stinky Pipes

Remedies for Stinky PipesThis is a page about remedies for stinky pipes. A necessary but unpleasant home maintenance task is dealing with smelly pipes and remedying the problem.


Broken Water Pipe

Repairing A Broken Water LineThis is a page about repairing a broken water line. A water leak, if not repaired quickly can result in significant damage to your home or yard.


Repairing A Water Line

Repairing A Water LineThis is a page about repairing a water line. A broken water line is frustrating and can be expensive both in utility and repair costs. However, you may be able to make the repairs yourself and save money.


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Plunging Clogged Toilet Backs Up Into Sink?This page is about plunging clogged toilet backs up into sink. When your waste water plumbing is not working properly, you may need a snake or a plumber's help.


Bathtub Diverter Spout

Repairing a Bathtub Spout Diverter?his is a page about repairing a bathtub spout diverter. You turn on the shower and half of the water is coming out of the spout rather than the shower head. It is time to take a look at the diverter. T


White toilet.

Preventing Clogged Toilets?This is a page about preventing clogged toilets. Knowing what not to flush and ensuring that inappropriate items don't get put in, are some of the ways to prevent toilet clogs.


Water Heater

Does My Water Heater Need To Be Replaced?This is a page about "does my water heater need to be replaced?". A water heater that is well maintained can last for years. Deciding when to replace it for a new one will depend on several factors.


Water Heater

Removing Calcium Deposits in a Water HeaterThis is a page about removing calcium deposits in a water heater. Areas with hard water will see calcium deposits accumulate in water heaters.


kitchen drain

Gurgling Drains?This is a page about gurgling drains. Gurgling drains can be the result of a blockage or venting issues.



Toilet Keeps CloggingThis is a page about when toilet keeps clogging. Having a toilet that is constantly getting clogged is very frustrating.


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Unclogging a Drain?How do you unclog a drain?


White toilet.

Toilet Tank Wobbles?This page is about toilet tank wobbles. When your toilet tank is not secure you could develop a leak.


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Kitchen Faucet Won't Turn at Base?My kitchen faucet will not turn at the base. I have very hard water. Can vinegar loosen it?


Plumber fixing a leaky faucet.

Fixing Leaky FaucetsThis is a page about fixing leaky faucets. Leaky faucets are a common problem that you can sometimes fix yourself.


Sink drain with water running into sink.

Clearing a Clogged Kitchen Sink DrainThis is a page about clearing a clogged kitchen sink drain. A clogged sink drain is a common plumbing problem. Before you call a plumber, try cleaning it yourself. There are several things to consider before trying to clear the clog.


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Washing Machine Backing Up into Sink and Dishwasher?When my washing machine in the basement drains, the water backs up into my kitchen sink and dishwasher upstairs. How can I fix this?


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Cleaning a Salt Clog in the Toilet from Bore Water?Our toilets are clogged with hard salt as we are using bore-water (salt water). When we flush the water with dirt comes up and it takes a long time to drain. Some suggest to pour in a strong acid. Is it correct and safe to do that, or is there any other easier way?


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Fixing a Slow Running Drain?I have 5 year old plumbing in my kitchen and bath. Both drains are now running very slowly. Any quick, inexpensive solutions?


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Spray Can Cap Clogging Toilet?My wife flushed a foot spray cap down the toilet. I've gone through two closet augers and used a new plunger with less then good results. Please help.


What to Do When the Toilet Doesn't Fill Back Up?My toilet cistern which is fitted with an Armitage Shanks 8.5 inch inlet fill valve won't fill up.


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Unclogging a Pipe Under the House Without an Auger?My pipe under my trailer is backed up. We do not use baby wipes in my house, but they are coming up out of the pipe. I do not have the money to rent a auger. And my landlord wants to charge 2000 dollars to unclog it. What can I do?


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Uncloging DrainA good, old fashioned plumber's helper will generally unplug minor drain stoppages, but every so often a really heroic jam-up proves too much for the plunger on a stick.


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Plastic Cup to Unclog Sink To open a stopped up drain in your kitchen when you don't have a plunger available, get a 6-8 oz. plastic glass (one of those opaque ones you get free drinks in) and put it upside down over your drain hole. Push down quickly flattening it and it will open the drain.


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Cleaning a Smelly Toilet Drain?We have a smelly toilet drain. What can we do?


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Underwear Accidentally Flushed Down the Toilet?How can I unclog my toilet bowl? I accidentally flushed the underwear of my nephew into the toilet bowl.


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Replacing Insert in a Tub/Shower Faucet?We put in a new insert for an old disc type tub/shower faucet, and it only lets a drip through. When we take it out and turn the water back on, it comes through fine. How do we fix this? Thanks!


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Identifying the Source of a Water Leak into Garage?I have a water leak into my garage from above. There are two bathrooms and a washer and dryer above the garage. I cannot figure out where the leak is originating from. Any ideas on how to pin point its origin?


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Unclogging Bathroom Plumbing?I one of my bathrooms the toilet does not flush well. When you take a shower the toilet is bubbling up and then will not flush well. I need help. I have tried Drano, snaking the pipe, and even root killer. Nothing is working.


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What Causes Fluctuating Water Pressure in House?We randomly have low and high water pressure throughout the house. What can be the problem, how can I find it, and how can I fix it?


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Fixing Leaky Outdoor Faucet ?I am having a problem with my outdoor facets leaking. They are not leaking where the hose is connected, but at the point where the facet is connected to the pipe. Any ideas on how to correct this problem?


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Toilet Makes Loud Screeching Noise?Ever since we had a plumber work on a toilet it makes a horrible screeching sound every time it is flushed. What could be the cause of this issue?


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Checking for a Leak Behind a Bathroom Wall?I have a molded, wet spot about 4 inches round above the sink in my upstairs bathroom. Who would I call to check for a leak or what could I do myself?


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Shop Vac for Backed Up DrainsIf you have a stopped up bathroom or kitchen sink, try this before you buy drain opener.


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Leaking Shower Fixture and Faucet?My shower and bath faucets both leak water out at same time. I bought a new diverter and parts but the same thing is happening ? How do I fix it ?


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Overflowing Toilet?My toilets started overflowing after Roto-Rooter can out.


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Dishwasher Overflowing into Sink?The little drain on my sink is spewing water when the dishwasher drains. I just replaced my garbage disposal. Any idea what the problem is?


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Toilet Leaking Even After Replacing Seal?Can anyone give me a suggestion on what to do about our toilet stopping up and water coming out from under the toilet. I have had 4 new seals put on by qualified plumbers and was told it was fixed. We have had the drain cleaned and have stopped flushing anything but water. Our house is about fifty years old. Thanks for any feedback.


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Removing Valve Covers?I have turn-off valves above my washer and they have covers on them like on a bathtub valve, not the round type. I need to change out the washers but I can't get the covers off because of lime and calcium build up. I have taken the screws out and have been spraying Lime Away into the little holes but of course that is not working.


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Changing Washing Machine Hoses to Avoid Floods at HomeI clean clothes dryer vent systems and do a little bit of insulation work. One thing that most people don't even give a second thought is the black rubber hoses on the back of their clothes washer. I can safely say that maybe one out of twenty five homes have the stainless steel mesh hoses.


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Noisy Shower?My shower head screams when we use it. Any ideas on how to fix it?


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Fixing A Dripping ShowerIf your shower drips long after someone's finished showering, unscrew the screw that holds the water control handle and the pin that holds the shower diverter (for hot or cold water), so you can pull the shower diverter off to clean.


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Shower Knob Keeps Slipping?The knob to my shower keeps slipping around the fixture. Therefore I cannot turn the upper shower unless i have a wrench. What can I do?


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Have To Hold Down The Handle To Flush?I installed a new flapper on my Commode, the old one was leaking out water, and now In order to flush it you have to hold down the handle until all water is out of the bowl. Why is this? did I forget something that keeps the flapper up while the water goes into the bowl?


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Old House With Smelly Pipes?I recently bought a house, an old one built in like 1930s. It is semidetached. My problem is on the bedroom level, the bathroom and more so the bedroom next to the bathroom has an odor - a bad odor. It smells like rotten wood and backed up sewer.


Hairdryer for Thawing Frozen Pipes

Hairdryer for Thawing Frozen PipesI forgot to insulate my pipes before the temperatures dropped. See how I fixed my big mistake without it costing me an arm and a leg.


Fixing a Running Toilet

Fixing A Noisy Running ToiletToilet Run on is one of the most common problems you can have with a toilet and it can cost you lots of money in water bills. With plumbers charging outrageous prices, this is a repair you can easily do yourself.


Repairing A Leaky Shower ValveThis is my version of how to repair a dripping or leaky Delta "Monitor 17" or these other similar tub or tub/shower valves. These instructions are for when the valve constantly drips out the spout or shower head night and day.



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Safety with Plumber's Chemicals?Is it safe to take a bath that night after the plumber has used chemicals that stay down the drain of the tub?


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Bleach Tablet Stuck In Toilet?I flushed a bleach tablet down the toilet. I have let it sit for over a week. I tried snaking it out after this and it's too far down. I have tried plunging it many times. The water goes down eventually, but every time I flush it fills up again. I have heard to use hot water. Where should I put it, in the bowl or back? Any other suggestions?


Repairing a Shower Faucet - old and new

Repairing a Shower Faucet?I've been trying to fix my shower faucet, but have been having problems. I had to replace the stems/seat because they are very old and leaky. I ordered a new set online as I am disabled and don't have a car to drive to a hardware store. Once I tried to install it it did not fit. The new seat and stems are too wide and don't fit.


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Using Liquid Plumbr and Hot Water?Why do you pour hot water down the drain 20-60 minutes after you pour Liquid Plumbr into your drain? What does it do?


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Flushed a Magic Eraser Down the Toilet?I flushed a used Magic Eraser in the toilet, but it flushed fine. Do you think it will clog in the future?


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Lime Stuck in the Toilet?My kid flushed a lime down the toilet. The toilet flushes, but does not go down in a hurry. I have not had to use the toilet yet since this happened, but I assume when I do it is just going to add to the drain issue. I have tried plunging, but nothing. I have put a snake down and it is not coming out that way. Is there something I can use to break this up so that it will go down?


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