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Reseeding Lawn After Killing Weeds

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If I use 1 pound of salt and 1 gallon of vinegar to kill weeds in grass how long before I can re-seed?

Hardiness Zone: 7a

By bkmav66 from Newport News, VA


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By cybergrannie [32]09/12/2009

I do not know about organic weed killers as I only use vinegar and salt when I do not wish to replant. My son buys the chemical killer at Walmart that tells you how many days before you can replant and then adds a few days.

By Judith09/11/2009

If these are not organic options for weedkilling and reseeding, what do you suggest? I have animals in our yard that I do not want to expose to chemical weed killers.

By bennett [1]09/10/2009

Thank you, do you know anything about how to get rid of black medic.

By Barbaral [1]09/09/2009

If you plan to reseed do not use salt and vinegar. Those items will damage existing grass and future grass seedlings. Fall is the proper time to seed your lawn with cool season grasses like blue grass and fescue. The young grass grows over the winter and in early summer you can apply a broadleaf weed killer over the whole area. Broadleaf weed killers do not affect the grass.

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